Pokken tournament

I’m not sure how many WiiU owners there would be on this forum, but since Pokken just dropped today in the U.S. thought I would start a thread about it. I picked it up to play with the kids (although I’m guessing it will be a little complicated for them) but curious if anyone else had experience with it.

I am not currently planning to buy it, but as a fan of both Pokemon and fighting games it’s possible it could end up in my hands at some point, even if it’s just a rental or a used copy from Gamestop which can be returned.

Care to share your opinion of it in a week or so, seeing as you can see it from the same KI fan viewpoint?

I’d be happy to. I leave for vacation on Monday so I will try to post some preliminaries before I go.

My brothers getting it right now. I want to try it, but my main Pokken of the whole series isn’t in yet (not sure if he will be since DLC is not planned) Regardless I’ll be enjoying the beat downs from the sides.

I’m picking up my copy after work. I’m excited to see pokemon fight in a non turn based battle.

So I spent some time in the tutorial. Wow - there’s a lot of complexity here as well as some confusing design decisions. They make you hit two buttons together for throws and counters - even though the trigger buttons are not assigned to anything useful… I haven’t played a match, but I will give it a whirl and then see how the kids like it tonight.

I still feel pretty positive that it will be fun overall, but the tutorial is kind of overwhelming…

Not altogether unusual, as far as I’m concerned.

No, it’s really common - but I’m a stick player. It’s a lot more awkward on the WiiU pad. But, they do let you remap buttons and you can assign these to the RT and LT buttons which are default assigned to resetting the camera in each of the two different battle fields. It just struck me as unfortunate because my kids are going to have trouble with it…

How is the gameplay different than let’s say a Naruto or Dragon Ball Z game? I have no sense of Pokken whatsoever…

Is “pokken” an actual thing? I thought it was just the combining of the words “Pokemon” and “Tekken.”

yes, it is just putting these words together, but it has no meaning. It is quite common for names of games, movies, etc. to be shortened.

(Actually, due to kanji/chinese character system it does not lose its meaning as long as you know which characters are used. And, not to derail the thread but another example, monster hunter. In Japan it is called Monhun as it is easier to say than such a “long” name as monster hunter.)

Kind of like the way “Pokemon” in America was originally “Pocket Monsters” in Japan?

(But in Japan it is also called Poke Mon, which is short for poketto monsuta)

sorry, back to the topic.

We’re talking about something pokemon related, so it should be fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I don’t think @BigBadAndy is going to protest too much about this conversation!

I may look up some gameplay tonight, but I haven’t even gone so far as to find out the list of available characters.

Here is the Pokken Tournament Soundtrack playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Chj-Nxppk&list=PLGOxHCGgfukdN1VFmbxMDcyNg-2WwUeaF&index=13

Feel free to talk about whatever you want - I will definitely not complain that my off-topic thread is too far… Off topic.

Anyway, spent some time with the game and it’s really fun and probably quite deep. I’m jet lagged and my son is wrecking me over and over which is the definition of fun.

I don’t play Naruto or DBZ games so I really can’t compare to those. This has elements of almost everything but plays like no game I can think of. I t has two “phases.” The field phase where you are moving in 3D and firing long range attacks or attempting to run up and hit your opponent. This reminds me of something like Virtual On or Rise of Incarnates but it’s relatively simple. If you land a good hit you shift to “duel phase” which is more like a 2D fighter and a bit more complex. You jump and block with buttons but your moves are modified by ducking or holding up. In both phases you can throw and there is a sort of focus attack like move that blocks normal hits and then hits with a counter. So that’s your basic triangle - normal beats throw, throw beats counter, counter beats normal. A lot of the moves will charge up. There’s a “synergy” mode which powers up your Pokemon (think instinct) but it always lets them go through projectiles. Then you have a synergy move (like an ultra) that you can do once each time you use synergy mode. You also have the ability to call in an assist Pokemon which you set before the match that has its own meter.

There is a lot going on! But you can kind of feel your way through by just messing around.

There is a lot of single player content mostly in the form of a giant league if Pokemon trainers. The lowest level leave has like 35 trainers for you to fight so it’s a lot. You level up your Pokemon doing this so it’s got lite RPG elements (that don’t seem o matter for local versus). In typical Nintendo style you can’t have multiple saves which is a bit of a downer.

The local vs is quite fun but because the field phase is semi over the shoulder one player is watching only on the game pad and one watches the tv. It’s not a “shared screen” experience like other fighters - it’s more like you are playing against each other online.

Sorry, I know this is only borderline coherent, but that’s where I am so far.

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Andy. I’m expecting you to win EVO!



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How is the netcode? That’s all I wanna know at this point.

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After playing this game for three hours, I gotta say: This is really fun! I have never played a tekken game before, so I’m not sure if this is how they usually handle, but I really enjoy it!

The switching between 3D and 2D feels almost seemless, and the fighting isn’t too complex once you get a hang of the basics. The selection is varied and respesents all the generations(though I’m not sure we need two pikachus).

Now I would like to see a deathmatch between Shadow Mewtwo and Shadow Jago :imp:

It’s essentially nothing like Tekken. Which I did not expect.

@BHswordsman09 I haven’t tried an online match but I will let you know if I do.