Points change for Ranked

I saw @STORM179 play in the last KIWC. The fight was good enough to make maximillion dood wet himself, he had to find his jaw on the floor. Yeah these pro stars aren’t easy to come by.

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Sleep v. Thompxson was godlike. Sajam and the Dood’s post-match reactions were godlike.


To @G0tei13Izaragi credit, there were a LOT of complaints about ITA a few months back, especially in regards to several thousand points that were earned at the stroke of midnight.

ITA has proven himself though, since then.

I would think that would be a timezones thing to have garnered that many points in a matter of seconds to people in America.

I believe the reset occurs at midnight CST time, so it would occur at different times around the world.

Several people were complaining, if I remember.

Also, having fought ITA a few times, the times that I faced him were terribly laggy, but as I said, he is legit.

So timezones and distance come into play. Noted.

Absolutely. The further you are away from the opponent the worse the connection.

im not sure cause ITA is a Italian and iam Belgian, we are not too fare with the router, but ita is sometime really laggy Af. its all about the internet quality by the provider.

I thought the server was here in Oregon. Or is that just one of them?

you right , i mean router :sweat_smile: i corrected it

Ahh ok that makes more sense

I think this is probably the wrong attitude to have. I don’t personally put any distinction between players with single versus multiple pro stars. There’s actually a pretty large number of players (including a few on these forums) who are quite capable of obtaining stars if they wanted them; at a certain point the stars are much more representative of time than they are skill. 12 stars just means you’ve got a lot of time to spend in Ranked - it doesn’t say much about how well you adapt at a high level.

Don’t forget, Ita went 0-2 at the World Cup. Stars certainly represent a measure of skill, but don’t overstate that measure. To do so is to give a player a level of respect they haven’t necessarily earned.


I don’t remember him fairing all that well in the Saucy Suite either.


Lol…an Italian playing a Native American
I just noticed something comical about this…

In case you didn’t know, it was common practice in Hollywood for a long time to use Italians to depict Native Americans in movies, such as the case with Espera Oscar de Corti, the Louisiana-born Italian-American known for his role in the infamous “crying Indian” environmental ad.

Anyway, forgive my sidetrack, carry on.



Wow… I was wrong… for whatever reason I thought you were Nigerian. :slight_smile: Don’t even ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t worry about the stars. I had a match vs CSTYLES the other night. He is killer rank with 2 stars and well known. I was at the bottom of the sliver rank, and I won. I found out later that he was streaming and I was his last match.

If I play a match that I know that I will not win, then I go for another personal type of win. I make sure that they either lose at least one bar of health, or stop them from getting a perfect. If I can do that, then I still feel good about the match.


That’s usually what I strive for. Avoid the total blow out. At least land a punch.

@GeneralScrebor In SF4 Cody’s words:
Throw a punch!

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This dude was the same guy that went 0-2 at KIWC. Ranked does not define skill.

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I’m far from a 10/10 player, but there are players better than me who have no pro stars in this forum. Off i can do it so can you guys.