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I didn’t take it as a bashing at all. For a moment I was actually sincere in my curiosity. I am a proud man, and would love to make it to killer teir. I guess I thought that being killer teir or having pro stars would make your opinion somehow more valid to the community. As it stands I don’t know how valid my opinion is here, I don’t know my standing with the people here. Maybe I also have an inferiority complex (never been diagnosed with one). I really should just accept the facts. I am a husband, a father, a veteran, and a nurse. KI is fun, but I do have a purpose, one that is too great to be over shadowed by a simple game.

I show respect based on the person. Just because someone here is isn’t great at KI doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. You are a vet, that earns alot of respect. So much that it is something I teach my son to show when he sees a service person in uniform. Don’t worry about the respect of people who only play KI. I am sure you get alot of respect from your wife and coworkers, not counting the other people you served with.


Thank you, that means alot. It really does.

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Do you know how much time a wife and kids take up? Playing a alot for a few days is really hard when you have a family. From a family man point of view, I did not exaggerate the amount of time needed.


Having a couple of kids in their teens, I can say it gets easier to manage time when they get to where they can play with you. And I mean serious gold/killer tier play, like I do with @Thunderb3E. :wink:
But yeah, I get what you guys mean. It’s hard even to find enough leisure time when half of it is taken up letting the 4-year-old watch Power Rangers and the rest of it keeping the teenagers away from each other’s throats. :smirk:
…and then work…and quality time with the wife… It’s hard to cram all that stuff into a 24 hour day.


May the best teen win. The winner gets a “minion” tee shirt. :laughing:

I seen your post about the minoins. Don’t worry, that crap will stop when it leaves the theaters. At least a large part of it.

@thunderb3e already got one… :unamused:
And it won’t stop, because it’ll likely be on Netflix soon…it’s a vicious yellow pill-shaped cycle with overalls and goggles…:sob:


Whats even worse for me @GeneralScrebor is that I can run into ITAMASTER411 (multiple times, on that note), and I would get buried (and lose around 300 points) to the point where I say “F*ck this, I’ma play Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus.” Super dumb.


I just don’t like it because it is the “cool new thing”. To me they are just like a catch phrase on a shirt. Just like all those “every thing is awesome” shirts people wore due to the lego movie.

I can’t stand mainstream things like that. I have liked vampires for 30+ years, then those stupid chick books come out. Then it is cool to like vampires. It is the same thing now with zombies and the walking dead.

I do feel your pain over the minion thing. I just wanted to poke fun at it. Like any true ■■■■■■■ friend would. :smile:

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I know right. I’ve gotten paired with a 12 star a couple consecutive times. Now I can’t bail or I’d get penalized and possibly banned or suspended or something. But against a 12 star the literal only option I have is bend over.

Lomfao :joy: :rofl: not like that bro, stars doesn’t mean anything since the niew rank system in s3. in S1 and S2 when you meet a pro star " you can bend ova" but not in s3 its so easy to get a pro star, just play a descent character, and most of the time play MU and overall get a Glacius in your dream team, cause hes like 5-5 with all the cast “the only thing where hes 7-3 with most of the cast is his Damages :smirk: and he don’t joke about that!”

lately before 3.8 I finally got my best enemy ITAMASTER411 thunder patch 3.7 thunder 0-2 with Aria he got a free 26 stars gived by Ig since S3, where every S1 characters get nerf AF and he still can enjoys the game. but since patch 3.8 it seems like a lil bit difficult for thunder to play no brain thank you IG for these adaptation. at least im happy to could beat him before this patch! :hugs:Nah!

just a idea to let you know how it work, never been afraid from someone because of a star cause a star is a result of diferent circonstances. it could be by the amount of fights some people do like 800 wins to get a star some others only 290 etc… its really with circonstances.and what mu uare using.

A key for easy wins Mira -----> raam, sadira, hisako, thunder ------> glacius, aria etc… just add A ICEMAN into yo team then life wil be much easier in some MU.

Your lack of seeing how that many stars constitutes an ungodly amount of skill and time pumped into the game is kinda saddening. Getting stomped by someone legit good is different than getting W’s just off of counterpicking (I’m looking at your Glacius comments).

There is someone with that many pro stars?

ITAMASTERS is close. There was a complaint a while back because at Midnight on the next month he already had several thousand points in just a few min.

Ignore the troll.

Ahh ok

Yep. How someone can possibly have that much time on their hands is beyond me though - even if you’re on the lower end of matches played/star, that’s a lot games. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: his stars are probably legit though. Ita is a good player. A bit flow-charty, and definitely helped by his connection, but all in all a very dangerous opponent once he hits you. Plays an extremely reset heavy Thunder.

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If anyone did have that many stars, it’s probably because everyone in multiplayer saw that many stars and ran. Understandably so, I’d rather eat a forefit penalty than square off with 26 stars

Honestly unless the match is REALLY laggy, you should always at least try to fight. There is always something to learn from a fight, even one stacked against you. If you are gonna lose, make it a learning experience.


Also, I don’t intentionally put people on the spot a lot but @G0tei13Izaragi there is no such thing as free stars from IG. All stars are earned, not hand-given. Talk to ITAMASTER before saying that. He actually earned his stuff. Proof of this is the award he got for his Online performance at the 2017 KIWC.