Points change for Ranked

Since the last update I only seem be earning 18 points for wins against gold players (where I’m a killer). Has this changed? You have to play through best of 3 rounds against a gold so it seems a little harsh…

The points DID change. In Killer you get 18 points for beating a Gold (was 35). You get 10 points for beating a Silver (was 20) and only 5 for beating a Qualifier/Bronze.

I don’t like the change. It has made the grind all that much harder for Top 32 and when you consider that some of those Golds are really Killers with reset ranks, it just plain sucks.


That’s not good then. It would be okay of it was just the one round (as it was before April 2016). :frowning:

I can’t get anywhere close to killer. Now that I got back to gold 9/10 times I’m paired with a killer. Being paired with killers all the time is the whole reason why I requaled myself, hoping I wouldn’t be paired with killers all the time. Sadly that has not happened. Im paired with killers all the time so naturally I get curb stomped and almost don’t even want to play. I’m sure I could climb higher if I had more time to play, but when I have a wife, a 4 year old, and a full time job I’m lucky if I have time to play 1 ranked match a day M-F. Saturday and Sunday I work 12 hour shifts and I don’t play games on the weekends anymore.

I just wish gold’s fought themselves or lower, that way I’d at least have a chance to make it to killer. Killer is supposed to be the battle of the elites, so everytime I have to fight a 12 star killer teir there’s really only one way it would end and its not in my favor.

At least there should be a way to back out of a match. I can’t leave a match until after someone has entered the ring, and if it’s a killer I can’t leave the match without being penalized even if it’s just at the character select.

Makes sense that they lowered it considering it was too common ruining into a streak of golds and boosting up a few hundred points off them.

Actually I got bumped down for not playing (I was travelling all last month) and it kind of sucks for Gold as well. You get 38 points for beating a killer, lose 19 for a loss to a killer. I never see any gold players, so who knows what they are worth… It’s just slow.

I think then that it would really benefit all ranks to drop all non killer-only games to 1 round. Will seem less of a grind for golds to be able to move onto the next game, and less of a grind for Killers.

So only killers would do the best of 3 matches?
I would just like to be able to back out of a match (like before the fight starts) without being penalized. All I know is if I back out of a match with a killer I get penalized, and if I fight the killer I get brutalized, curb stomped, tea bagged, humiliated, and I still loose points for getting my a** kicked.

I wouldn’t teabag you. :sunny:


Much appreciated. Come to think of it, I don’t see alot of tea bagging from the killer teirs. I see it more from silver’s and down, maybe a handful of gold’s. Ill only tea bag in retaliation. I usually like standing my riptor over the dead body so she doesn’t know which way to face, so I do a Dino dance on the dead guy.

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Disclaimer if it’s not known, I have Killer rank and have been for quite some time. I remember it took me a LOONG time to get from Gold to Killer. Real talk? At some point i got to where Golds were not challenging me and i relished the chance to fight a Killer, even if they rofl-stomped me. Just me personally, i’d get more upset from bad play/execution/decisions/judgment on my part than anything the opponent does.

@GeneralScrebor, imagining it in my head, i don’t know that that’d be all that fair to a Killer though. There’s gotta be some overlap between rank levels, i feel, to keep the rank system anywhere close to stable. Because if there wasn’t, i feel like there would be a good number of people trapped in Bronze. I see your point in getting matched up against Killers regularly as a Gold, but allow me to ask; are you rolling over other Golds or is it a competitive fight against other Golds?

I usually slam most gold’s, and I can agree there should be some overlap, but I’ve seen this way too often. Bronze level me vs 6 :star2: killer teir, or gold level me vs a 12 star killer teir. At least put me against a low level killer. Do not put me against ultimate supreme killer teir champion of the world. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a 12 star killer untill I had my rectum pulled out my mouth by one.

I don’t even know if the game makes a distinction between starred Killers and unstarred Killers in matchmaking. If it does, i don’t know how it didn’t collapse in on itself those couple of times damn near anyone in active Killer ranks got a free star. Even if i’m wrong and stars DO make a difference in how matchmaking pairs players? There are a very good number of players in Killer that do not have stars that either could or should get one. With no level beyond it (and that discussion has been had too,) Killer rank will always seem daunting a bit for lower levels to access.

Top 32 is not meant for those of with jobs and families. It is for kids with no job, or just a job and no family. I don’t know about you, but a star on my KI profile is not worth all my free time.

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In all honesty I think the Ranking system is WAY too compressed. This is why I really liked the old Ranking system with 40 individual Ranks versus the main three we have here. The only real problem with the old system was that you could get deranked way too easily.

While I never really had any issues getting into Killer, even after purposefully requalifying or having to requalify due to a glitch, once here it’s really a mixed bag. I’m either facing tourney ready individuals with tech that would melt my brain, or people who I have no idea how they got to Killer in the first place. There isn’t any real way to see somebody’s skill level.

Also I think it is insane that I would constantly get pitted against 16 + Star Warriors several times in a row. While in most cases I can still hold my own, these matches are mentally exhausting.

The sad fact is that I RARELY get placed with somebody close to my level. I either destroy or get destroyed.

To me it is the same. I fought players out if my league, just like I do now. There are several ranks. There are 5 in each tier. The problem is that people don’t notice those. They just notice what rank tier you are in.

So what can be agreed upon? I am curious, which is qualitatively better a pro star or a life?

I am such a proud man. Striving for perfection in all I do, even if it’s something as trivial as a game (I can admit that KI is a game and nothing more, that its not meant to be the defining characteristic of anyone’s life). The life I have and live keeps me from reaching the heights of killer teir. But I have a family, a wife and son who depend on me, I have patients about 70 patients to be exact (I’m a full time treatment nurse). The lives I hold demand attention, and while I still enjoy playing KI, I can’t afford to let it rule my life.

Having written this out, asking which is qualitatively better a life or a pro star. The question seems more rhetorical than serious. The answer to me seems obvious now.

You are actually exaggerating the amount of time it takes to get to top 32 a bit. You only really would need to play a lot for a few days. So long as you find and beat some players with a high amount of points, you can get to top 32 fairly quick.


It wasn’t a bash to you at all. I am married with 2 children, and a job. That is why I don’t worry about the stars. I play because I like a game. Not to prove anything.

No matter what they do to the rank system. It will always favor those who play the most.


Lol. You seem to have already figured it out, but go for life :-p

I got my pro star with roughly 300 games played, and from what I can tell that seems to be around as few as is generally feasible. It didn’t take a exorbitant amount of time, but it was definitely a time sink. I’ve no need to go for another any time soon.