Please put Ajani in KI


I’m also a big fan of Magic The Gathering, but um… Why? What’s your reasoning for this request? I’m curious. :neutral_face:

he is a king
there is no other like him in KI
great design
killer weapon
great stage posibilities
his story could be adjusted to maya or orchid/jago DNA father or friend
all the good guys of KI are not leaders,he could be the connection for all these
i already imagine his king way of fighting
he connects KI univesre with a more magical universe(dragons,magicians,elves…) for more character ideas
as MK is expanding to horror movie characters,KI could take more from LOL or Magic or lord of the rings
i like him and i think he fits in KI
he is a lion he is a killer

Damnit Rosewater, I got off of your stupid cardboard crack! It’s over! Stop following me! :sweat:

No way they are going to add magic the gathering to KI mostly because it would cost to add a big name to KI.

Better if they make an original out of the Indian God Narishma

Very good agreement. Personally I would love for ki to draw from things like LOTR. I would be a total bad ■■■ as a ring wraith. They are basically shadow versions of tusk if you think about it.

I have no idea who or what that is but its cool, I could see KI having a large feline character.