Please make Tusk`s close HP a F+HP or remove it entirely

As a Tusk main, I often want to anti air opponent by catching his jump-in attack in deflection window ofstanding HP. But very often (happened to me twice today in one round), instead of making standard sword swinging HP, Tusk makes his close HP (headbutt), because opponent is close to him in air, resulting in whiff or getting hit.

I suggest to make this move F+HP, or remove it because close MP (shoulder bash), is almost identical, and those accidental headbutts sabotage usefulness of standing HP`s deflection window.

Just crouch+HP in that situation. Much more effective.
If I ever hit somebody out of the air with standing HP it’s always out of sheer dumb luck. Deflection windows should never be used on purpose. That’s a dangerous habit.

But if I risk getting hit, I want to make my yolo attempt worth and try to make big dmg with standing HP.

Well if I’m not mistaken, crouching HP also has a deflection window.

But hits weaker.

Tusk has DPs.

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Tusk has DP’S . Why is anyone jumping in on you?

Because their playstyle is their personal matter and I cant just tell them to not do this?

I forgot to add that it sometimes interrupts DP juggles. Opponent is pixel away from close HP and headbutt wont come out, normal HP will come out, leaving Tusk vulnerable for punish. This is a second reason to make headbutt a F+HP, it will be more intuitive for DP motion.

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But you can. Anti-air them on their jump four times in a row and watch them stop jumping.


Wow. You are genius. I havent discovered DP use for 5 years of playing fighting games. Have a golden nothing award.

Wanted to engage his deflect into anti airing. Wanted to try new things.

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Sometimes, you can be flashy with deflect. You just need a good DP or Cr. Heavy to prove your point.

Alright, allow me to clarify before you give away that shiny bit of nothing for no reason.

Tusk has no less than 5 great grounded AA options. He’s got two fully invincible DPs, two DPs with deflect, and a deflecting cr.HP.

Tusks st.HP is good for catching flyaway jumps midscreen, like a Sadira or Gargos for example. Your suggestion is to make one of his close pressure/manual buttons a command normal because you are having trouble using the far versions deflect window to AA deep jump-ins. What I meant is that perhaps you’d try the tools that were designed to be used on the situation you’re describing, instead of humoring the idea that something should be changed because it’s difficult to use in situations where it wasn’t intended to function well anyway.

Tusk has the tools to accomplish what you’re trying to, you just have to use them correctly. If AAing doesn’t cut it and you’re trying to make a statement with deflect, this is still accomplished with his traditional AAs. Further, Tusks DPs carry an immense mindgame with juggle counterbreak baiting, which either way (failed CB notwithstanding) leads to a knockdown and second threat of counterbreak shenanigans (though if they got CBd in the DP loops, they’ll probably just let you have the u.HP). Those are some layers of AA respect the opponent should worry about when jumping forward. Threat of st.HP deflect? Not so much.

You’ll have much more success deflecting buttons at midrange with st.HP. When used as such I’ve found the deflect to be almost as reliable as a flat out parry. So long as they aren’t jumping into DP space, that is.

I want a new award. The last one stank.

TL;DR Swag isn’t a great reason to change something that works well as intended. Appropriate tools for appropriate situations.


I concur.

thanks for argumenting. I just suggested, I can live with this not changed, altough imo situations like when I DP someone and want to headbutt him for juggles, and bad luck decided I was 1 pixel too far and did grounded normal, exposing myself, should be addressed.

Don’t confuse me now, laddie! I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m trying to be helpful!

What I’m saying is that the issue doesn’t need to be addressed with changes when it can be addressed thru your own gameplay. I understand the frustration of dropping juggles due to unexpected close normals, but your juggle game can be significantly improved by simply using other buttons. Off of a DP>bounce you can land another M/HP DP directly and continue the juggle/counterbreak game with additional ambiguity to promote a lockout, or you can use pretty much any non-sword button cancelled into DP with no risk of a close normal, all the way to a cashout.

TL;DR: Your dropped juggle issue can be addressed by not pressing that button. Instead, just DP again.

PS: I’m serious about that “golden nothing award”. I want a better prize for my efforts. I got jipped.

EDIT: I forgot to type a lot of words mid sentence, so apologies if that made very little sense at first. Also, I’ll accept language barrier as the reason you never fixed my award. I’ll assume by “nothing award” you simply meant that it’s imaginary, and not “thanks for nothing”. :wink:

Sorry, my bad. In my language argument means reason, not fight. I meant thanks for giving reasons.


I’ve been messed up by this too. But that’s what it’s like having close and far standing normals. Just something you gotta work with.

How about fixing the fact that literally every single attack seems to be overpowered by another opponents attack, and the fact that the counters on Heavy and Mediums don’t always seem to work

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if your buttons are losing out and your deflects aren’t catching, then you’re simply pressing the wrong buttons at the wrong times. :sweat_smile:


It only seemed to be a problem against the npc, but now I’m not having any issues.