Please make KI 1 and KI 2 purchasable separately and for Xbox Play Anywhere

Putting this in General Feedback since the KI Classics forum is pretty much dead.

I purchased the Ultra Combo packs of Seasons 1 and 2 on Xbox One prior to the Windows 10 launch of KI to A) show my support for Killer Instinct after Microsoft announced the new game would be coming to PC, and B) play the original KI games. Almost a full year has passed and there’s still no sign of either of these classics being released on Windows 10 as Xbox Play Anywhere titles. The closest thing we have is getting the Definitive Edition on PC. It’s great for people who haven’t gotten into Killer Instinct yet, but I already purchased all three Ultra Combo packs for Killer Instinct. I don’t want to pay $40 to get access to a pair of games I already have access on Xbox One and should have access to on PC.

Besides, there are people out there who don’t want to bother with the new games. They just want to play the old KI games. Maybe they just don’t like the new games. Maybe they just don’t have the money to spend on the Definitive Edition. Either way, it’d be a lot cheaper for newcomers to get a classic KI game for $10-15 a piece than to shell out $40 for the entire franchise.

I just want to play the games I bought. That’s all I want.

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You don’t get the old games with the definitive edition for pc. Those games haven’t been ported at all.

Sorry to say man but your best bet to playing Classic KI on PC is emulation via MAME or Project 64 (No decent running Rom is there for KI Gold).

I agree with this 100%… I bought the Combo Breaker pack long ago, and I looked to see if I could buy KI 1 and 2 Classic separately but it’s no way to do so. You would have to buy a whole pack, or the definitive edition, and spend more money on something you already own!

You should have not to resort to bootlegging. Microsoft also
left me under the impression It would be playable on PC.

I love the port, to win10, but as far as the pricing setup,
and stability, what a let down…

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Really? I thought the Definitive Version had those games included on both the Xbox One and Windows 10 version. That’s even more reason to bring these classic games to Windows 10!