Please make Cinder more powerful ,you have to rely on chip damage

Hes by far the weakest, as far as damage output, the chip damage is just too iffy,you can preform like 5 combos on the 1st life bar and not even get past it. 25% damage 17% damage hes needs to be more powerful.

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He relies on burnout enders. Stop doing damage enders right away if you want damage. Do a burnout and put fear into your opponent and then do a combo with a damage ender to cash it out for huge damage.


He was specifically made like that to rely on his burnout. With the extensive white health that the burnout does, it may not be balanced to give him the kinda damage you’re asking for. TJ has damage enders too, but his max damage ender is the Auto-Barrage. Like @Sasuke99I says, you need to do burnout enders and then mix-up the opponent for a huge cash out.

Legit topic TC. I literally maimed a 2xpro medal opponent against Cinder today in ranked. I felt bad because I knew he was better than me but just lost because Cinder is incredibly weak.

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Did anyone watch Evo?

Cinder is quite scary in the right hands.

Furthermore, if you hate relying on chip damage, stay away from MKX… half of the damn game is stacking chip damage from blocked strings.

a little buff would be welcome. Its not that easy reach burnout all the time and you have the high risk of losing it very VERY easily. That’s why the Jago army still around. They don’t make the other fighters good enough to face hard battles.

Its so nasty to do a killer combo and you cannot even inflict 30% of damage. I don’t want to rely on pyrobombs because i want to use Cinder as the fast paced rushdown character that he always was.

As for you title, did you mean CHEAP damage?

As I said,do a burnout and then do the damage ender. A Killer Combo with a damage ender isn’t much because it isn’t his real damage ender. His real damage ender is burnout and then do a damage ender later.

I don’t care ,30 to 40 % damage is is average damage for Cinder,he is weak,good design etc but compared to most fighters, All fighters I mean is terrible.

Funny you should mention that because Cheap Win is what victories by chip damage are called in Street Fighter. That’s what the “C” means in the round circles.

it sucks because I’m figuring out that i may have to drop Cinder as my main. Cinder should be pure rushdown. This new style spoils him. Too weak even to reach some semi finals of a tournament. We may NEVER see someone win a tournament with this new Cinder thing. I vote for the old formula, straight fast paced rushing fighter.

You can still play him as rushdown. There isn’t a single type of rushdown. There is vortex rushdown. Mixup rushdown. Grapple rushdown. Cinder falls into the fear rushdown. End your strings with Shadow Inferno for potential damage. This will make the opponent scared so you can use his trailblazer air cross ups and cash out the potential damage. Pyrobombs also help to add fear if you stick some to your opponent.

Cinder’s made grand finals at a major before, heck he’s even won WNF and the Beatdown.

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do you have a video or something about this footage?

Cinder is a very strong character but he may not just be right for you is all in this game. His play style is vastly different than that of other characters in the game and relies of setups and burnout enders for damage. In strengths rely in mix-ups using fire flash and juggles confusing the opponent. Going for straight damage ender all of the time with spammy auto doubles will not get you anywhere with him.

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Yet strong enough to make it to Top 8 in the tournament.

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Cinder can make it to the top! @swordman09 Made it to 9th place in EVO! (Is this correct Swordsman?)

Fighting Fulgores, Aganoses, Hisakos, Jagos, Orchids, Arias, and everybody else! :smile:

Cinder may be weak, but in the right hands, he is deadly.

I play Johnny Cage. Fisticuffs is so much fun. With Chip, comes massive amounts of salt.

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I’ve made 9th at EVO, 2nd at SCR, and won a WNF and an 8BBD.

Lets not forget that Domi made 5th at EVO too. It’s not impossible.


A damned fine effort; which was fun to watch, might I add.

Precisely why I posted the Top 8 video!

In my experience, bad Cinders online are pretty much free. Great Cinders online are absolutely terrifying.

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Time to get gud. I’m a beast with Cinder.

Against medium AI. :scream:

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