Please improve loading times on viewing opponent gamertag and unlock it from being "always on top"

Sometimes I just wanna post a quick message to opponent between matches and continue playing, but this gamertag takes forever to load up and opponents are already gone in most cases. Also I would like to leave gamertag window opened, but I cant minimize it, I dont know if I should adress it to IG or Microsoft, but I really think this needs to be adressed.

Most of the issues with the recent players list updating, and wanting to minimize the window aren’t really problems from IG’s side, but Microsoft team suggestion for the Xbox One OS in general, so this isn’t really the place you want to put these suggestions down to be heard.

There could possibly be a way they could make it to where you could message the gamertag you just played before you leave to menu directly from the post game stats screen, as most shooters like halo and destiny have built in access to a player’s gamertag from within the game itself rather than having to go to the recent players list, but that’s up to IG whether or not such a feature is worth it.

To me, I don’t think such a feature should be implemented. While it would make sending a message like “good game” a lot easier, ultimately it would lead to a rise in salty comeback messages and a lot of sore losers and less than humble winners spamming the feature just to hurl insults at one another.

However, if you want to make suggestions as to improve the load times on the recent players list or minimizing a window during gameplay, I would say you’ll want to visit xbox feedback to leave your suggestions there. If you search that area though, you may find someone may have already made that suggestion, and you can upvote it to increase the popularity of the suggestion so it will be worked on in future updates to the Xbox One OS.

My strategy, is to use a keyboard and go into the character select screen. Also, wasn’t their an option to snap messages? I could’ve sworn that would’ve been done already.