Please help

Every time I log on to rank I revert to qualifier… I have tried multiple ways of logging off Xbox live and everything I connect to the severe my ranking gets reset… And I’m talking every time…I Evernote worked to silver and still the same day reset to qualifier please help me I want to enjoy rank

Please use the search function next time. This being an active forum, your issue may have been posted and resolved before and we don’t need to clutter the forum with multiple threads about the same thing.

That being said, please try this.

No I’m on Xbox one and I keep getting reset and I don’t understand y…this link did not help…I love this game and want to enjoy the full experience…I had this game since season 2 dropped and never had a problem… Now I have this bug and can’t enjoy rank

That post was for pc

Can you try first hard resetting your X1? (Hold power button until it goes off and disconnect every cable for a few minutes).
If that doesn’t work, your last resort would be trying a reinstall of the game.

Will I lose my progress from reinstall?
I have tried the other option

I mean my levels and stuff like that thanks for trying to help

I don’t think so. Your progress is linked to your Gamertag so unless you use another one your progress should be intact.

Indeed…sometimes the game just doesn’t pull your info…not really sure why. I had that issue where the game reset my rank…I was halfway up the gold tier. I went back through and requalified in gold, but the next time I booted up the game again my rank was back and I was halfway up gold again instead of at the bottom.

Still, it’s better than the issues the game had during season 1 where it would wipe your entire save file, unlockables and everything.

Hey man I reinstalled the whole game and worked to silver rank again…and still it reset all that progress to qualifiers I don’t understand I really need help with this…does anyone have any suggestion I have tried everything I can think of…all I want to do is work up to killers so I can play 2 out of 3 please help

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Never encountered such an issue myself.