Please give us more stuff to spend Shadow Points on

I honestly LOVE shadow lab. As someone that loves fighting games but doesn’t necessarily love playing people online that scream obscenities in my ear, this mode is the perfect fit for me.

But I’ve long since purchased all of the Shadow skins and now I’m sitting on over 100K in shadow points with nothing to spend them on. I enjoy the shadow battles in Shadow Lords mode, but there’s not much reward incentive for me now.

Would it be possible to create more stuff to spend Shadow Points on?

A few suggestions:

-Unique shadow weapon or armor piece for each character without purple mist: Examples could be a scythe for Hisako, a dark, ornate kriss for Jago, ornate metal arms / claws for Wulf, dark metal vega claws for Sadira, Black wrappings and a black hood for Kan Ra, a black skull mask for Cinder and so on and so on.

-Shadow items in Shadow Lords: Maybe make some cool, unique items for Shadow Lords that you can only buy with this currency? I know that might be confusing, but maybe sell them in a separate place in Kan Ra’s store and clearly mark the currency needed and how to get it? Maybe a shadow guardian that you can only buy with shadow points as well?

-Shadow missions in Shadow Lords: Maybe create side missions for each character that you have to buy in to using Shadow Points that grant you substantial rewards for completing like new shadow dossiers that give some sort of specific info, for example. Not a great suggestion, kinda vague, I know, but again, something that you could use this currency for.

-More shadow skins: Only perhaps call them something different. But basically create a new look for each character that uses the color black as a theme. So maybe Jago gets a ninja outfit, but it has certain colors to accent it so he’s not lost in a dark background. Maybe Orchid has a sleek spy outfit. Maybe Riptor has black with red accented skin. Maybe Wulf has black fur with gray chest fur and glowing gray eyes. Maybe Hisako and Shago have reaper looks to them. You get the idea.

-Shadow Stages: Probably the most impractical on list of largely impractical ideas, but much like Shadow Tigers lair is a darker take on Tiger’s Lair, it’d be cool if this could be done with some other stages, like Hisako’s level, Sadira’s level and perhaps a few others. Again, not saying it would be cheap, but these could be the high end, elite rewards for Shadow Points users and a good way to get people playing Shadow Lab.

-Shadow Taunt: Not all that practical either, but it’d be cool if each character got a second taunt that you could select to use instead of a characters original taunt, but you could only unlock it with shadow points.

TL/DR: Shadow Lab is awesome, but I’d love to have more cool stuff to spend shadow points on. I know that many of these ideas are unrealistic and some of them probably aren’t that good for certain logistical or subjective reasons, but again, as a currency in the game, I think there should be a good deal more to spend them on than one skin for each character and I’d love to see them create more content in general, but also more content that uses shadow points.