Please dont make Gargos and Eyedol

Aganos and omen are the worst developed fighters on the game ,so if they make Gargos and eyedol their gonna be big fighters like aganos ,he looks cool ,his moves are ok but hes so dang slow and hard to get openers in on him, .

So instead of suggesting something like “please don’t make them big and slow characters” you’d rather not have them in the game at all?


What’s wrong with being big and slow? Some people like that sort of thing in their characters.

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So your premise is to simply say no based upon how you THINK the devs MIGHT design the characters? Don’t make assumptions - they’re like farts; they stink and nobody likes them…

Also, Aganos fan here for life! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Moon stop with the real/fake killer instinct fan BS.

Both former bosses will probably be returning, you not liking Aganos/Omen doesn’t really mean anything.

No you don’t get to decide who is and isn’t a ki fan, I told you on the FB page and you have been told on every iteration of these forums, you are talking bull ■■■■.

“I need to name and shame” what a ridiculous little brat you are.

I already said they are probably returning and disagreed with Zaximus. So stop spouting phrases that you heard the big boys saying one day on television and grow up.

Try using some of Aganos tools in his arsenal. what if we told you he can actually summon a stone to keep the opponant from backing away

Sorry, I just woke up and have a headache, so I reacted badly to your posts. The “real KI fan” thing is pure BS still, and I will call you out whenever I see you do it, but I should do so without belittling you.

I don’t think that Eyedol will be returning in the same form however seeing as the devs including Ken Lobb don’t like his current design I can see him changing quite a bit.

Dude, I think we should stay on topic here. You and ML Ninja may want to settle this in a PM.
As for Eyebolt’s inclusion I do not expect him make it, BUT!!! I do welcome his return. If he gets in he will be welcomed with open arms. If not, my condolences to his fans.

And to the OP Gargos is already confirmed, It may not say it directly most of us know he is the main bad guy for season 3.

Why do you come on here with your negative attitude? Your not being heard, they are not going to change the game due to your opinion… just stop…please

Constructive criticism is one thing… but your just bashing on everything you dont like…and for what reason? Why are you bashing the game?

what do you get out of it?

And BTW…OMEN is not the worst character design in the game… there is no worst character design…because its all about opinions… there is not factual data that read…“this character is numerically conclusive to being the worst character in the game”…geez

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Also, while were on the topic I remembered someone saying that if season 3 does well than season 4 may come up too.

So fi Eyedol doesn’t make it in S3 then season 4 can be the next place to go.

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Or KI sequel???

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You’re right. But Eyedol must return because he’s first final boss in KI1. Make a sense.


I think Aganos is Eyedol’s replacement. (the names share a pattern too)

A two-headed cyclops (bi-clops?) billy goat with a billy club. HOW DO YOU NOT LOVE THIS CHARACTER!!


I actually feel stupider from reading some of the things on this thread, this is the second “dont bring eyedol and gargos back cuz i personally dont like them” thread, stop, they’re coming, deal with it.

“Don’t make Kim-Wu and Tusk, they sucked in KI2”

You see, it sounds stupid coming from another angle doesn’t it?

Everyone deserves to have their favorites added in, its not up to you to crap on an archetype just because you don’t like it.

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