Please don't abandon written way of storytelling

I wanted to say I really enjoy way the KI2013 is telling story of characters and the world, especially when we can learn more background of characters, not only their role in main plot but things like what they do enjoy, their hobbies, etc.

It adds more personality to them.

My point is, if Microsoft would ever plan KI sequel, I don’t mind cinematic story mode at all, but I wish you would retain written way of storytelling too, like, in arcade modes or other incarnation of Shadow Lords.

Cinematic story mode for main plot and unlockable text dossiers for characters’ background story and their personality traits, that would be awesome combination imo.


I do like the written story as well, for one it established solid grounding for all characters. It also shows you the thought process of the writers and how they will angle certain characters like not making Kim and Jago a thing.

I don’t mind if they add a traditional story with small text or even full story like MKX, so long as their is always another medium in which to gain more insight on lore. Dossiers, text files, hidden collectibles, essentially anything that builds on lore on top of what we already know is absolutely splendid.

Love the text dossiers. While it’d be cool if they could maybe do a bit more with them, like have sound effects and what not that coincide with text entering the screen like Lost Odyssey, this is still an awesome way to convey the lore regardless, especially when KI doesn’t seem to have a ton to throw at making massive cut scenes.