Please Disable Probation

Guys, as a Sadira main, I get rage quit on all the time. I honestly don’t have problems with people not wanting to fight my main and that is perfectly fine by me, as it means I get to my next fight faster. HOWEVER, as of late, Probation has been on the frits and is constantly flagging me for somebody else’s junk.

My goodness… Yesterday’s shenanigans with Xbox Live made me face off against a dozen bronze and silvers with NO Killer’s in sight. I won all the matches. I then faced a single Killer who stopped playing and RQued after sending me a few choice words.

I get on KI today… FLAGGED…

Look if Probation isn’t working… please stop it until it does. This is getting annoying. If I make somebody rq, that shouldn’t be my fault.

Probation doesn’t do anything besides not giving you the win if a disconnect happens. It isn’t a huge deal.

I like getting points for wins. If somebody quits on me, I should still get the win.


I would say that the probation is a good safety tool. It prevents abuse. I don’t want someone to start DDosing their opponents and still get the wins just because of the disconnect.

It’s a good safety tool, IF it works. The problem is, I can win a ton of matches or lose a ton of matches without any problems… One person RQs (and it will happen), and I’m back to Probation. 90% of the wins that I have are solid wins, with about 7% coming from the occasional RQ and 3% coming from that weird disconnect glitch that gives both parties a win.

I’ve gone days without a random disconnect to only find a Probation alert when I select Ranked.

Two days later it’s gone.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why I get flagged. It happens and then goes away.

I think something is wrong on your end rather than the system. I get rage quit on with pretty decent regularity and never get put in probation nor get any warnings because the game knows I’m not the one that quit.

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Ive had Xbox live crash on me the last 4 days in ranked and other games/ apps and when it crashed me on ranked yesterday I lost points and it said that I was the one that disconnected. Which is bull ■■■■ because I didnt…my internet is fine…steady 89-100mps. But XBL keeps signing me out for no reason.
Had a guy RQ on me today and I didnt get the points… what a waste because it was in the end of the 2nd match… it was game over for his ■■■ and he bailed.
No points for me…what a waste of time.

Maybe you should switch your main…


In all seriousness, I have to agree with @SithLordEDP. I’ve received many RQ’s (mostly low rank) and have never been put on probation. I remember getting a 4 RQ streak one day. Idk why this is a thing that only happens to certain people.


No XBL has had CORE SERVICE ISSUES the last 5 days… straight from their website. Its logging peopel out of XBL just randomly for no reason.

You can be watching a show or playing a game and " Be boop! BYE FALLOFSERAPHS76!"

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I’d disagree here. I’ve had the same issue lately. I’m just rolling with it now because I like ranked for the random opponents, but I was indeed frustrated when I got put in KI jail for other people disconnecting at the character select screen lol. But hey, it’s a game, it’s the best game, but at the end of the day it’s still software, I’m sure it’ll get fixed at some point. Once I report it and express the frustration/displeasure, I move on. The game is still a blast to play when you do get matches.

I actually believe something in the Probation algorithm is messed up to be honest. I’ve gotten Probation warnings just logging into Ranked and I haven’t even played a match. I’ve been put on Probation right after an RQ or a random disconnect. Played a few matches and then had Probation removed.

This has happened before and there were a lot of complaints about the system just randomly putting you on probation whether there was a disconnect or not. The system was like this the entire month of June, if I remember correctly.

So I attempted to test the system by quitting out of matches several different ways. If I close the game I get a loss, if I turn off the console I get a loss. If I start downloading something and lag out of a match I get a win (that one feels abusable), if I unplug my internet I get a loss. Not a single probation warning through all my testing so idk, it’s like I’m immune to the system.

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I don’t think you get a probation if you quit/lose the game. Probation only works if too many people disconnect from you and you get the win too many times.

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Woot! Back on probation! I had one match lag out (Cannongodlike and I always seem to have a terrible connection) and this Orchid player RQued on me, and I kept getting paired up with him time and time again. At least three addition. Taunt and RQ… taunt and RQ… yup back to Probation. Thanks IG… well I did at least hit Top 32 for two seconds.