Please bring this stuff back

Season 1 features

Original shadow effect (Pre-season 3)
Better model viewer (with zoom in)
Sound effects of S1’s UI

I’m talking about these sound effects when selecting or backing out from a screen:

Who agrees that this stuff should be brought back? Perhaps as an option?
If you think only some of them should come back as options, please leave a comment about which ones.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only as an option

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Some but not all. Not voting


Which ones should come back though?

Footises is already good. Fireballs dimming the screen is a good option. Ultras are good. Shadow effect is an option. Sparkles is a good option. Model viewer is a yes. Sound effects can be an option.

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I miss the model viewer, you used to be able to pick out all the little details the devs put in their characters.


I think “yes” and “only as options” should be one choice. Should I change it?

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Anything regarding designs and astetic I want back. I love the balancing of Season 3 but it doesn’t look like a true KI to me without that S1 UI.

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@xSkeletalx Yo, is it a good idea to merge “Yes” and “Only as an option” into one choice? I can’t do it and it’s asking me to talk to a moderator.

I like the dimming option on projectiles, the pre-season 3 shadow effect, increased sparks, and the better model viewer. Good calls there!

Not a fan of the season one UI sounds though.

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I do as well, but kinda -

It magnifies flaws so maybe not a good idea

To me they sound a little more rewarding/satisfying lol I don’t know why.

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Ayyyyyy thats a pretty good video

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Yep, it’s very interesting too.

That’s the one I mainly have an issue with. It was fine in S1 since the fireballs were just simple, straightforward projectiles. But now we have characters like Omen, Shago, Eyedol, and to an extent Spinal’s new instinct who can put soo much s*** on the screen at varying angles and speeds the entire match might as well be dark. And I can see it being rather distracting and uneasy on the eyes.

Faster? The only ones that were changed after S1 were Jago and Orchid who had their ultras sped up than originally. Also said change happened in S1 with the fulgore update.

Some but not all, its amazing how many little details got axed.

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Was footsies on the list before an edit? :unamused:

An option was Season 1 footsies until an edit.

Yeah, that’s buying into hysteria right there. If anything, IG’s balance changes have made elements of footsies more of a live issue than they ever were with things like full-screen shadow wind kick and Wulf teleport backdash in play. Glad it got edited out.

Most of these seem pretty needless to me and we don’t really need them. We don’t really need fireballs that dim the screen and I don’t think I even noticed it happening back then tbh. I can see things like Faster Ultras causing a lot of desyncing problems too. The Better Model Viewer would be nice, but again, we don’t really need it. That’s just me.

As for balance, I want NONE of that stuff back. I totally forgot that you could Instinct Cancel your Enders back then. If they had that now, it would be way too good with Shadow Enders and all that. Other character things were pretty dumb back then too. Jago getting his health back just from doing a combo or WALKING, and the fact that he could basically do whatever he wanted with his combos was dumb. Sabrewulf’s backdash was dumb. I honestly feel like more people would complain about those things now if they were in the game.