Please add a tournament mode to this game

For both online versus and shadow lab. A simple graphics bracket will do fine. You set the rules, one and done(you lose you’re out of the tournament but can still watch others), double elimination, assists enabled, etc… Obviously some error handling issues will have to be added, so if someone disconnects or if the host disconnects it can be restated where it was automatically or manually, host migration. Also if someone leaves don’t allow anyone else to join unless the matches in the brackets on the same level past the one win mark if the settings are for best out of 3 matches.

This is a feature that should be in every fighting game, imo. Maybe keep the max bracket size relatively small so it doesn’t’ take forever to find participants, so 8-16 players. I think if this mode was added to the game it would bring a lot of excitement to it. This game would take a step from being just another fighter to inching closer to one of the top fighting games and leading the industry in innovation. :slight_smile:

Technically SF4 had it but only in the first version I think and it was done differently. People loved the mode though, it was always packed when I played. I think another good option to think about would be to start tournament from party, so it invites everyone in your party to a tournament or an invite all online friends to tournament option. For the second option I would add a adjustable counter so the game can skip someone who hasn’t joined by that time and ask the next player in the queue if they want to join the tournament.


oh yeah it could be very interesting to make us own intern tournament without goin on challonge or others website to see the brackets.
great idea tho

YES PLEASE would love it