PlayStation Now!

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So Im not a huge PS fan…I just got a PS4 2 weeks ago while trading in an old PS3 for 100$ and 100$ worth of games…just to be able to play SF5 beta.

Well the more i play the PS4 the more i like it…Until Dawn was amazing!!!.. and a few other things I really like about it.

SO last night i was looking at the Play station now section and all the games…WOW!

So i signed up for the 7 day trial…which was really easy , I just clicked and confirmed.

Within in 2 minutes i was playing SF 3rd strike, Skull girls, Blaze blue, Resident Evil (All of them) and many more games!

Now if you have a Wifi connection this may not stream as well for you…but I have a 30ft Ethernet line running from my INT modem to my Xbobx one and PS4.

I highly recommend getting a cable and running it across your floor… you wont regret it.

Anyways… everyone should try out this PlayStation now… there are 105 new capcom games added and more… its pretty friggin awesome!!!
I have WAAAAYYY too many games to play at the moment! LOL

You tried playing online?

No, just single player…Im not big on online play unless Im really good and have a chance of actually winning a match or two.
Right now Im just trying out all the games Ive always wanted to play…Skull Girls, 3rd strike, SF HD remix (Pretty cool!)

Prob get on some Resident Evil 4 or 6 tonight. I never had a chance to finish RE4 back on Game cube… I was right at the end and never finished.

There is a bit of lag on the SF… nothing too bad…but I imagine the online play has a bit more… prob feels like MKx online

I’ve still got my PS3 and 360, so I have most of the games I want. But I’m interested in the service and how well it works because it might be the future of gaming.

I was looking at a Samsung tv and it has it built in. We live in a wonderful age.

So far Im very impressed! I will give a few online matches a try and let you know how well it works for me.

This type of service has been around for a while and you don’t need a PS4 to try it as they are hardly the pioneers of the technology. Just google video game streaming.

I dont really need to find another service…Im speaking of the free trial that is currently on PS4 so SF 3rd strike and other PS3 games can be played. But thanks for the info.

This is mainly a topic for Andy and I to continue discussing ways to play SF 3rd strike and other games on PS4

Doesn’t Xbox now do the same thing… for free? I was aware the recent update allowed for last gen games to be playable, not to mention that more will be available in time (or at least I think so).

Its not many games currently and the ones on the list are not anything i want to play. You can look at the list on compatibility list

there will be more added as time goes on,but xbox is building emulators for every game… the PS now is a stream of the actual PS3 game from another server

Xbox is still my favorite, but i found this PS now to be really cool

Oh that’s where the classic Capcom games are…

Just got my PS4!!!

cant wait for skullgirls and street fighter V! rashid ryu necalli and cammy and ibuki!

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you can play skull girls on play station now. it works well…if you have 20$ a month for the subscription…but it has a free trial for 7 or 14 days i cant remember. I recommend hard line and not WiFi if you can

Ps now is not backwards compatibility its just a rental service like blockbuster. Xbox has actual backwards compatibility.

Its like 100 bucks a year ■■■■ that noise. Should give us an option to buy that i rather use fightcade to play 3rd strike with online sure its not as pretty but it’s free

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And whom are you saying this too? I think we all know this… as to why i created this thread

To anyone who doesn’t know.