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First submission from @Skate_KI

Omen is Life


I need to work on the HP air dash cross up over head set up. Its just something I havent worked on enough to utilize consistently. Im more of an MP kind of guy at the moment. Im going to work on it today when i get home. Thanks for sharing the video.

Holy reset batman, that maya didn’t see them coming.

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Credit to @Sundowner

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It looked great but the damage output was so little.

Ive played that guy a few times…good matches. He sure the hell wasnt doing any of that though.

I don’t think that combo is even possible in a real match. He uses a pip cancel to go from heavy laser to DP, so he won’t have meter for beam. It’s only possible because he has infinite meter on in training (or maybe you get lucky and your pip meter is right at the end and it recharges in the 1 second or so between the moves).


Agreed! That’s why when I see combos like this in practice mode I dont even give it much thought. If I see these combos in a real match against an opponent with a brain that’s playing just a advanced as the offensive combo…then Ill get excited.
I still respect it took some practice to get the muscle memory down, ect… but do it in a heated match then post the video.

I mean, it’s cool. Not every combo needs to be usable in a real match (especially in KI where breakers happen). Combo videos usually include tons of impractical combos. But they usually don’t include combos that are only possible with infinite meter (or very clearly mark them) because it’s usually not that interesting. But oh well, doesn’t matter that much.

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Another one from @Skate_KI… It’s hard not to fill this thread with most of his content lol

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Valoraxe is going crazy on his stream right now

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Stream going on right now https://www.twitch.tv/valoraxe

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Geeze, by Gargos, brutal.

You ain’t kiddin

Shout out to @UACharbok

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