Playing KI and other PC games on a portable device

So there’s a portable handheld system that is soon coming to Kickstarter that can dual boot W10 (64-bit) and Android Marshmallow.

I may purchase it if funding is successful, what I’d like to know is… Will it be capable of playing KI at 60fps?

Here is a link to the site:


Considering the horsepower needed to run KI and run it well, my guess would be no. I have one PC that has an I7 and a GTX 480 (I think)…and it struggles to play KI at minimum specs.

Not only that, think about the amount of power (voltage) is actually needed to run a game like this.

My laptop has to be tricked into believing that it’s plugged in, because some NVidiaPowermizer crap slows Killer Instinct to a crawl, when i’m trying to play on battery.

The laptop can run it fine while it’s plugged in otherwise, and no… it’s nothing to do with battery settings in Windows.