Playing As Sabrewulf With Keyboard

I would like to know how to get better, since this is the first time I’ve played a fighting game.

Note: I’ve got another video of my shadow destroying me lol.

How to get better? Playing and training as you can. :slight_smile:
I’ve been playing Sabrewulf on keyboard too and that’s not bad. It’s pretty much easier to hit the combos if you don’t have a fighting stick.

Also, I recommend you to read this:

Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Okay, bud. Here’s what I noticed as a fellow Wulf player:
Work on your meaty hits. Sabby’s best is his MK. Learn to time it so it hits right as your opponent wakes up. If you catch them pressing buttons, then you can immediately go into another combo. Just try to refrain from meaties if you matched against an opponent that has good wake-ups (Jago, Tusk, Eyedol, etc.), or currently has shadow meter to use for a wake up.
Most of the time, you should probably be using Wulf’s eclipse ender, as it does the most damage and results in a hard knockdown. This way, you get the highest combo cash out as possible, and you have the advantage on your opponents wake-up (meaty attacks). The wall splat ender is great for mix ups off the wall, but try to use it only if you’re sure they will indeed wall splat.
Sabrewulf’s air launch ender is also good for juggle/flip out mix-ups. Get used to alternating juggles off this one, as well as crouching LK for flip out resets. Keep your opponent guessing as to what’s coming after an air launcher, otherwise you’re begging to get combo broken. However, you can also use this to your advantage to set up a counter breaker.
Flip Out
As mentioned above, Wulf can make excellent use of flip out. After you reset them with it, you’ve a lot of options available. Neutral jump into HK, dash through cross up to hit from the other side, crouching LP into Wulf’s chain combo, & Overpower are my favs.
Dash Through Cross Up
One of Wulf’s unique tools that makes his mix up game especially scary. Use this ability on an opponent’s wake up, or after flip out to keep them guessing as to which direction to block. With this ability, an opponent not only has to consider if they must block high or low, but also left or right.
Wake Up
This is Sabby’s weakness. Without meter (Shadow Eclipse), he has no good wakeup tools. So you’re forced to block any pressure on your wake up. Try to refrain from hitting buttons on your wakeup, as a good opponent will constantly beat you to the hit, and keep comboing you into oblivion. Be patient, block, and wait for an opportunity to counter attack or shadow counter.
Learn them. Use them. Love them. There’s nothing wrong with using auto doubles most of the time, but up in the higher brackets, a lot of them will be combo broken. Train yourself to incorporate manual hits into your combos. They do less damage, but are much harder to break. One more thing, you should rarely, if ever, use Wulf’s rabid doubles outside of a lockout. Easiest thing in the game to combo break.
If you manage to lockout your opponent, lay on them heavy rabid doubles. Learn to judge how much time is left in the lockout period, so you can finish with a shadow leaping slash (before they have time to mash break it), then eclipse/shadow eclipse ender. This is the most amount of damage you can get from a lockout.
Shadow Moves
You used shadow ragged edge a lot. Which is fine, but if your combo is in the opener phase (still unbreakable), or your opponent is locked out (as mentioned above), use shadow leaping slash instead. It does more damage & comes out faster than shadow ragged edge. It’s also a great counter to projectiles at close/medium close range, and works as a recapture on juggled opponents. The tradeoff is that any opponent can literally mash buttons to combo break it, so use it only when it is best for the situation.
I didn’t see a single feral cancel at all, man. Go into the dojo, turn on infinite instinct, and experiment. I’m still trying to get used to using them myself, but I do know how to use them in order to make unsafe pressure on my opponents safe.
Meaningless Personal Gripes
Nothing against you, but I can’t stand it when another Wulf stands there mashing LP. IMO, it’s a tale tell sigh that this is a newer Wulf player, and doesn’t know what to be doing in the neutral game. Try to get yourself out of this habit.
Reset your shadow, and build him up again. This time without the teabagging. C’mon, dude. Leave that ■■■■ to the 12 year olds playing CoD & Halo.
Lastly, I encourage you to be more aggressive. You’re playing Sabrewulf, after all. Make your opponent afraid of you. If you’re put into a situation where you’re afraid of the opponent instead, you may have already lost the match.

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I’ll probably upload another video of me against my shadow with my new recording stuff, so I’ll see what you think sometime

The teabagging was me testing lol. Remember, I was new to this.

A new video of me

Sorry to bump, but does anyone think I’ve gotten better and any improvements?

You have, indeed, improved, sir. Happy to see your progress. I won’t post anything so long this time around, so there are only a few things I would like to point out this time.

  1. WAY too many heavy auto-doubles. That muscle memory can be hard to overcome, but try to use more variety in you combos to prevent combo breaks.
  2. I saw a few opener -> ender combos. Any half decent player will combo break you when they see this. Even worse, you can’t counter breaker on an ender animation, so you’ll most certainly be combo broken doing this. Anything is better. A quick manuel hit, or light double will take care of this problem.
  3. Horray! No more t-bagging. Good on you.

That’s pretty much it for my initial thoughts. Aside from continuing to work on everything I mentioned previously, you’re doing well. Keep practicing, and keep improving.