Player Match or Ranked?

So which one do you all prefer player or ranked matches? When the game first came out I was on ranked match significantly more than player. Almost to the point I almost never played player matches. However once I was satisfied with reaching level 33 and then eventually in the S2 ranking Killer Rank, I sort of just stay on player matches. What about you guys/girls/cyborgs/monsters?

Personally I like playing in ranked because of the 2 out of 3 feature for Killer tier. I rarely go into exhibition unless I am going to play with a friend. Sometimes I will play a lobby but most of the time you can find me in ranked.

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I just find it funny that after I lost my data, I just stuck to Player Match there are some good people on Exhibition too. But I think I really got better in the game playing Ranked.

I recently lost all of my data. My game kept freezing at the DLC check on loading so I wiped everything understanding that I was risking losing my data. Sure enough it’s gone I was rank 50 on fulgore and had no character under 20 except Aria.

Anyways it doesn’t bother me that much since I was aware that I was possibly doing that in trying to resolve my loading issue. The funny part is now when I’m loading into ranked matches with my portrait that says rank 22 Fulgore I have people playing me with their alternate lower ranking characters. It’s both cheap and satisfying at the same time.

One interesting thing about wiping your data is that you still keep your Killer Rank, after I reloaded everything and was able to get past the DLC check I qued in rank as a Killer but character and player level 1.

Yeah the same thing happened to me, I was surprised it kept my Killer Rank so it wasn’t so bad.

In season 1 I lost my data 3 times I think. I know one cause is having multiple people able to be recognized by the Kinect camera and them coming into the room when you are playing KI. Since season 2 I have not lost any data though, but I know how frustrating that is.

TGZ Boss Wulf

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Unless I’m playing with friends, or joining a streamer’s Lobby, I’m only really in Ranked. I prefer playing against a lot of different people, rather than one over and over. Playing with a friend or somebody I’m trying to practice with specifically is different.

Yeah I met a lot of KI friends now on Ranked, I don’t really fight a variety anymore on Exhibition there used to be a lot more people on Exhibition. I also feel like I no longer have a goal besides trying to reach top 32 but since I work now I just don’t have the time anymore to invest into that.

I used to prefer Ranked until i couldn’t get a match with anyone in my tier (Gold) Nothing but 95% Killer match making. So I started Exhibition and actually can play against Gold rank, and can have a fun time trading wins back n forth and made a few new friends in the process. Ranked is more likely to run into trolls that TB and are gone with no rematch (Unless your in Killer obviously)

I would like to prefer Ranked over Exhibition, but the match making is not working correctly at the moment…nor is the points / win percentage standing for those Killers that are trying to make world cup points , ect…

I rarely face TB and 98% of the time they usually get bodied, I usually make it an objective to make them feel horrible at the game. I also notice I never seem to run into those people when I’m using my main.

Ranked matches, even though I’m like the Glass Joe of KI. I’m lacking in my skills to the Nth degree. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care, I play for the love of the game and always have. I take my beatings like a man and move on to the next fight.

I used to play mostly ranked. Frankly, these days I get on the rank matches and I only win 1/3 in the Killer league. It just gets to be less fun - I have nowhere to go. I’m not making top 32, ever. So… Now I’m playing exhibition matches. This also gives me a lot more sense of freedom to play with all the other cool characters instead of just my best two.


When I first ever played KI, I did horrible, almost to the point I was never going to buy the game. Then I went to the Dojo and played some nice people in Exhibition, by the time I finally got my Xbox One I was improving a lot. Now I win a majority of my matches.

I play mostly ranked. I do this because the 1.5 exp boost. So I mostly use my low lvl characters, I still get a lot of wins this way. But I’ll never make top 32 I don’t have enough time for that.

Player match. You can rematch and play a lot if you find a good fight partner.

But I like going to ranked from time to time, you have extra pressure there due the points gain/lose and forces you to play more focus

Ranked all day long.

I played ranked until I hit killer rank. It was fun trying to level up and make it to the next tier but I once I hit killer; I didn’t see a real point. I’m not going to get TOP32 with a Omen/Aganos main. I stick to mostly Exhibition Matches now and sometimes I get people to play long sets.

I see most of us are all in agreement about ranked. At least our reasons for playing Ranked.

That’s pretty good! I’m still horrible at the game, but I do occasionally give it the college try. My thing was when the leagues came out in the Aganos patch, I started on that day and my losses hit the stratosphere that day. I didn’t care, I just kept going with it. LOL! These days, the Shadow Lab is a great help! I’m SLOWLY getting better and might be in the Top 200 or something one day. Keep up the practice man, and good luck.

Well this was in 2013 before I lost my data complete, I’d at least win 60% of my ranked matches.