Player 1 Music Select on a Playable Practice Stage?

Now, let me preface this by saying that I remember when the @developers said that the Practice Mode stage would remain exclusively in practice mode.

That said, the Spring Showcase Build we’ve seen in the Press videos and the Arbiter Stream has a system that gives me an idea. In this build, the stage is selected based on which character Player 1 picks.
Now, it’s been said that while not every character is getting a stage, every character is getting their own full dynamic theme (example: Rash). Wouldn’t it be a waste to have the dynamic theme in place without a place to play to it?

So here’s the pitch:
What if there was a version of The Dojo that followed the same rule as the spring showcase in regards to soundtrack?
Think of it this way: Say you really like Rash’s theme, but he doesn’t have a stage. What if, as Player 1, you’re a Rash main, and you decide to hit the practice stage. Boom, Rash’s theme plays, with dynamic Ultra and all.

Now, if we’re worried about people only choosing that stage ala SFIV, then couldn’t we make it so it’s only obtainable from Random Select?

Just shooting out ideas. What do y’all think?

Then we would only be able to hear rash music on a stage accessible by a random stage select button. No thnx. I prefer the ability to chose what music comes on during stage select