Played Battletoads Arcade on Rare Replay

Its a lot of fun I actually cant believe I didn’t play it when I was kid.
Still its a great game I loved it.

Great game in my opinion.


I was a way different player when I was a kid. Back then I had no money for games, so the one or two I had I played hundreds of hours.

I rarely ventured out towards new games that I wasn’t sure I’d love. It was too risky.

I’m a picky individual myself.

One week ago, My mom and me finished Battletoads Arcade! But… My mom want new Battletoads.

Its certainly the best in the series, it had more blood and crude humor than any of the other titles too.

We might see it someday.

If it’s happening, my mom will be happy and HYPE!

It still make same laugh when I think of tis one level where grab this big dude below the belt and starts using his jewels as a punching bag.

As someone who didn’t get a chance to play it back in the day, it left a pretty good impression with me.
It’s fun, challenging, and enjoyable alone or with a friend. Now that the game in modern markets, I hope there’s a remake or reboot planned.

Remake are better than reboot.

Same here, I heard a lot of good things about it but never had the chance to try it myself.

I’d prefer a Reboot just for the sake of making the world of Battletoads more expandable and ditch the original origin story that pamphlet comic. I’d like for the toads to be there own persons instead of alter egos

I’m surprised that it ended with Battletoads Arcade. It seemed like the peak game for the franchise and would continue with more games. I would place the original as the best but it’s ludicrous how difficult it is but glad Rare put some handicaps to make it easier finally.

Still sucks that Red and I keep harming each other when we played it.

Yeah I guess Rare didn’t fix that. In Battletoads double dragon you don’t have to but still in the original one. Not sure about the arcade one since I’ve never played it with 2 players.

Have to admit it was the main reason I purchased Rare Replay, yeah the other games were cool but Battletoads arcade (to my knowledge) never had a console release. It was that obscurity that made me want it so badly.

I was a little upset that there was no interviews with some of the original Rare teams in regards to KI but great package overall

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Battletoads are great. Do any of you know if they are going to implement any online feature for these games in the future?

Same here. I also liked Sabre Wulf and Conkers Bad fur day but have been waiting for Battletoads to be ported for over 15 years!

We will see and wait.