Play Styles that annoy you

What play style gets on your nerves the most? I’m not talking about specific characters or their tool sets, but a specific way your opponent is playing that just gets under your skin.

Personally, I don’t like players that play the “Clock” game. There is one KI player, and I’m sure you’ve fought him at least once or twice, who will get a smidgen of life lead and then avoid combat the entire game, unless he gets hit again. Every single match I’ve played against him always comes down to who has more health when the clock ends. This individual completely refused to engage in combat, UNLESS you have the life lead.

I can understand playing this type of strat if you both are low health and the game could be anybody’s, but to use this as a real strat to win matches, is (to me) kind of saddening, and these matches aren’t fun.

I can still beat him, and to my surprise I got nearly 1000 points. So this means that he’s won a LOT of matches by simply hitting the person once and then running the rest of the match.

There is a time and place for running the clock, but I find it frustrating when that is all the person can do to win. I did write the individual later and advised that if he’d spent more time learning the game versus running the clock, he might actually be pretty decent.

Mine would be the Oki , jumping straight up and landing with grab or maybe no grab, playing that meaty, jumping guessing game. Ughhh…
Oh and the YOLO DP game where it always seems they do it when you dont expect them to.


Well, I’ve got rules about chasing people when I have the life lead too tbh. I doubt his goal is to “run the clock” so much as it is to “make you rush into bad decisions.” It’s not a terrible strategy actually - a goodly chunk of players are indeed impatient enough that they’ll run into stuff if you hang back a bit.

Doesn’t sound that yolo to me :-p

My personal most frustrating style to fight against is anything involving a meaty projectile vortex. I absolutely despise being forced to block a projectile and then hold a 5-way mixup. That ish sucks… :expressionless:

Well you know what I mean. I dont despise it as in “it shouldn’t be in the game”…its more like, OMG it never goes my way and its frustrating that just when you think you have it figured out they change it up.

I too dont like the behind you projectile vortex either. I noticed rash players are doing this now with their instinct speeder bike from behind after they cross over your head.

How do you block that?

Same way as you block anything else - whichever side Rash is on, block the opposite way. Can be tough if he’s timing it to cross over your head right as the bike gets to you, but it’s not usually too hard to block in my experience.

Ahh ok, it all happens so fast if you are not expecting it it will get you in some trouble. Pretty cool move IMO.

I get really salty towards people that just throw out a special move after a combo breaker. Here i am thinking “ok, we’re back to neutral, let’s see what w… oh, he did windkick/slide/boot” It’s especially annoying with Glacius since shoulder, lance, shatter after combo break feels like a real mix up. Jump to avoid shatter, lance catches you standing. Block to avoid lance, shatter catches you. Backdash to avoid both, get caught by shoulder. Try to hit him first, get poked out or stuffed since you have to you use a slower longer ranged normal.