Play Station VR? Looking to get one..Thoughts?

So Im really thinking about gettting a PS VR today or tomorrow. Im trading in some games and my PS Vita so I’ll be walking out with the VR for free.
Game stop has a deal right now where you get %50 extra credit if you trade in 6 or more games.
My 7 games total $103 + %50 extra = $154.80
Vita = $65
Game Stop points = $30
So I have roughly $250 trade in credit.
PS VR is $200

So Id have $50 over to get a couple games.
What games are good?
I already have Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Bound, and Starblood Arena that Ive picked up for free on PS plus.
Ive beat Resident Evil 7 on regular PS4 so no excitment there.
Im looking at Exorcist, Doom, Skyrim, Robinson, the Inpatient (Until Dawn prequel)

Thoughts? I need some advice here lol

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I’m the opposite of a VR enthusiast. But I know Doom is a good game in its own right and it’s the kind of game I think you would like.

Oh man I went and got one and its been a BLAST!!! We started with the PS play room mini games…the lil PS robot dudes. WOW! The sepctators get to play too with a controller or by just yelling out commands to the VR player. THe KIDS loved it, Krista loved it… it was so much fun!

THen we played the VR demo disc which had about 12 games on it. Rush of Blood was the best and it scared the “sheet” out of her OMG! Me too but since I had seen her play it it didnt scare me as bad. “Their They Lie” was scary too!
Now Im testing out Batman Arkham VR… I also got SKyrim, The Inpatient, and Resident Evil 7 with all DLC editon.
ITS SO WORTH IT!!! Trust me!
Plus Ididnt have to play a penny… my trade in plus 50% extra credit deal covered it all and I got buy 2 preowned get 1 free!
I plan on getting the Exorcist and Doom next!

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Yeah, I haven’t kept up with the tech at all, so I really can’t help you bro :slightly_frowning_face:

WOW guys! Batman Arkham VR is amazing! Its like you are standing right there in the Batcave, Gotham, ect…right there as Batman watching Nightwing fight, reconstrucitng crimes, analyzing dead bodies in the moruge…OMG…blown away…you have to give this a shot and see for yourself one day…trust me!!! Dont miss out on this!!
THe Penguin was hanging upside donw in front of me by a rope I trapped him in on top of a skyscraper…I about fell off the ■■■■ building LOL …it looks and sounds so real! FUll 360 degree view…its unbelievable!!!

I’m not a fan of VR either, sorry man :frowning:

But have you tried it? Have any of you tried the PS VR and the games Ive mentioned? If you havent then you cant say you arent a fan becasue you havent tired it. I wasnt a fan either until I was proven wrong.
Now dont get me wrong…by no means would VR replace my love for KI, Dark SOuls, Bloodborne or any game like that. But for now…as me and my family are having a blast with it… its Fn bad ■■■! No doubt about it.

WHen we took turns last night playing Rush of Blood…riding that Haunted house roller coaster… it was amazing! It felt as if we were trully at a carnival on a haunted scare ride… and id rather do that than the real thing!

I tried it several times. My “problem” with it is that gets old soon. I prefer to lay in my couch and casually look to my phone/laptop/dogs while playing.

It’s amazing for sure, but for me, it’s not worth the investment.

YEah the games are short, but at least they have good trade in value. I got Batman for free and can trade it in for $10.
BUt man…Rush of BLood is so awesome… I beat it last night and it was the greatest thing ever. Like I just spent the last 2 hours at the best haunted carnival ever made! lol
IM sure in a few weeeks Ill be tired of it. BUt being i didnt pay for it and traded in games and a VIta I do not play anymore… its been well worth it. Plus it has created 3 Fmaily fun nights in a row that we usually spend apart from each other in other rooms on other devices, ect.

It’s great that you’re enjoying it. I feel like I would feel very isolated playing that way sonits good to know you were able to enjoy it with the family.

Yeah man I had no idea that the family could play too so it was a huge releif and excitemnt that they can. THere are several games where they couch co-op the VR player.
So far out of all the regular games on either console this VR has brouhgt us closer together and created way mor fun than any regular game. Which I never would have thought would happen.

For isntacne there is one mini game where the VR player is this huge Cartoon dragon that uses his head to bash the buildings, helicopters and bridges while chasing the couch players as they run down the street and avoid the obstacles (with PS controller). then they get guns and crates, ect… to throw at the dragon while he dodges them with his head. Its so fun and the mic changes your voice so you sound like a little pip squeak dragon LOL
But your right , playing alone feels odd. SKyrim last night I felt like a weirdo talking to these virtual people in the game and no one was aorund in real life as they had went to bed. But it felt so real…I was riding in the horse cart with other prisoners and they are right there talking to you. SO weird.
The inpaitient has voice commands so you can talk back to the virtual NPCs. That makes it really weird…that game is so F-in scary OMG

I played some more SKyrim last night…I got past the first 2 real missions. Retrieved the Dragon stone and solved the puzzle door. Then went and killed a dragon with some hot dark elf chic. She doesnt like me too much lol
Ive chosen Mage so I have Flame magic in my right hand and Ive swapped my left hand with Shock or Ice blast. Its really great! Its so immersive you really feel like they are talking to you and are righ there. Amazing!

I’ve got Doom VFR for Vive. It is pretty cool. It’s amazing to see how big all the demons are in person. The Revenants are HUGE…like 8 feet tall or so.
But keep your expectations tempered. It’s not the full Doom experience. IMHO there’s enough, but it’s not all of Doom 2016, more of parts of levels and a couple of new sections. You don’t even get to use the BFG…intead they give you the multiplayer grenade Launcher and later you can upgrade it to BFG ammo, but you never get to “hold” it.

…Plus you get to play some of the original Doom and Doom 2 levels in VR…soooo…

YEah I got it…played it once… it made me feel really quezzy…ugh. It was the first VR game I played were you do a lot of fast walking and spinning around. I got a lil sweaty and nauseuos.

The last 3 nights ive played SKyrim and IM loving it!

Doom gets me motion sick even without VR.

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LOL… Yeah I havent went back to Doom yet…been playing Skyrim mostly. Going to try and finsih up the Inpatient tonight so I can trade it in this week along wiht my PS3 motion controls. I had accidently won an auxtion on Ebay for the PS4 motion controls right at the same moment I bought the PS3 MCs at game stop. So good thing is they trade in for $18 each… so I only lost $10 total. WHich in a way I regain witht eh Rewards points for buying them and trading them in.

The next game I want to try is Exorcist and Farpoint. Also looking forward to Ace Combat 7? when it comes out this fall.

Lol. Yeah, Doom has that old-school super fast arcadey movement, so I can see it tweaking some people’s motion sickness.

Ah, Skyrim. That game I played for over 300 hours and never managed to beat :sweat_smile:

When you play VR its crazy becasue the NPCs are always giving you the stink eye…and then they might abruptly get up and B-line straight towards you and its like "whoa, whoa back up bro… I don’t know you! And your side chic pulls out her sword and its like “calm down girl,he is just going to stir that pot of rabbit stew!” …LOL, but it all seem so real!

Damnn wolf jumps out the bushes and I had a bow and arrow in hand… I’m screaming AHHHHH trying to wack this wolf with my bow which doesn’t work… I hit my real hand on the coffee table… then finally get and arrow pulled back at point blank range…the wolf dies and rolls down the mountain. lol

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I finally beat The Inpatient. It was cool at first and really scary , but then it started to get really slow paced and boring. THe ending was kind of lame. The after credits ending was great…but only if you have playd Until Dawn would you understand it. It ties in nicely after 50 years right into UNtil Dawn…cool.
Welp! Time to trade this sucker in for $15 lol