Play on Astral Plane against Gargos in Survival!

I’ve been told that if you run into Gargos in Survival Mode, you will fight him on the Astral Plane. @Ziarist is apparently uploading a video of it.


Here you go.


Wow, the lighting on Gargos looks soooo weird in this stage =S

What’s up with his wings since a couple updates back?

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I can confirm…played on it.

Yeah that is odd. I don’t remember them being like that on the Shadow Lords stream.

Does it have a stage ultra?

Don’t think so, tried two times and can’t make it work yet. Maybe, I have the wrong distance…

I doubt it has a stage ultra, there’s no part of the stage that indicates a difference.

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Hope it does, I guess I’ll try tomorrow.

Using Survival mode as my way of leveling my new Shadow Lord, this turned out to be my very 1st matchup, much to my surprise. The luster wore off though after my nemesis gave me a splitting headache when I tried to jump in on his c.HK.

I made a video also, though my gameplay is pretty crap at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


No items, Fox only.


I got back to him, was trying to see if there’s a stage ultra. If there is, its not on the right side of the screen.

I noticed the astral plane in survival too and came here to see if I was the only one.

Only issue with survival now is that Eyedol is set on Kan-ra’s stage, seeing how Rash is there aswell, this feels a bit crowded.

Either move Eyedol to the Astral plane, or move Rash to another stage…Perhaps Cinders? Not my favorite, but it feels like a fit…

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I’d rather move Eyedol to the Astral Plane in the long term. His music is such an unbelievably good fit for the visuals! Plus, then we can say “this is where the Shadow Lords, the classic bosses of KI, live and fight!”

I also definitely agree that Kan Ra’s stage is getting too crowded. Maybe I’m biased since I don’t like the stage as much as a lot of people seem to (it’s in my bottom 5) but 2 characters to a stage MAXIMUM seems like a good idea.


TBH I dont like Astral Plane stage much… It oozes with cheapness and seriously, THIS is the place where they had their great battle? A line of crystal blocks at generic space wallpaper?


Eyedol is in Kan-Ra’s stage because he’s the one that resurrected him. He did it there as shown in the trailer as well.

As for Rash, I think they said they put him there because a portal is there lol. I honestly think they should just set it on Random with him. RAAM too.


Nobody ever said that platform is where anyone did battle, I’ll admit its kinda cheap and obviously not a fully fleshed out stage but its better than having no stage for the season’s boss. Plus its kinda like the secret sky stage everyone has been begging for.

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Ok, I know this may be a weird place to tell something like this, but oh well, I’ll tell it anyway…

So far, the only way this stage can be played is by playing Survival when you face Gargos. Now I wanted to ask a favor from you guys. There’s a new video idea I’ve thought of ever since I saw the Shadow Lords sneak peek stream at E3. You guys must record raw footage of you facing Gargos in Survival, but there are some criteria to be required. Take a look.


  • It’s your choice which one will you use, Xbox One or Windows 10, the former is recommended.
  • Music volume must be at 0.
  • Announcer must be Mike.
  • The video will have two matches in it. These two matches are two different raw footages. Each match must have a different character of your choice facing Gargos. That’s right, two raw footages in one video.
  • Character intros must be SHOWN.
  • As much as I want, the match must be good and a high combo must be attained (through video editing, I’ll be able to treat the custom music as if it was a dynamic music in the game)
  • NO ULTRAS. It will be tough for me to create beats akin to the custom song’s instrumental.
  • It’s your choice whether you will record it while playing Survival, or just record the replay, although no matter if you turned off the HUD or not, the latter will still have the stuff in the bottom of the screen like Frame Skip, Pause, Unpause, etc.
  • Lifebars can be shown or not.

I’ll credit you once I upload it. Thanks for reading!

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Am I wrong or is that Shadow Jago’s music instead of Gargos’s?