Pharroh's Combo Killers week 4 sign ups!

Thanks everyone for the bday wishes. Congrats to Ztrain for winning week 3 and auto qualifying for the finale later in the season! What a Hype tournament! Congrats to our top 5 of the night ZTrain, Wholio, Dbaby n Trish, ST AlphaDengeki, ItzTymeToDuel and lCharlieboy! Rankings have been updated in the pinned post of our fb page.

Sign ups are live for #ComboKillers week 4! Sign up here —>
Winner will win a Color 10 Fulgore provided by KI4Life!
Be sure to check him out @TheRealKI4Life on twitter.

For more info on #ComboKillers please check out our FB Page here -->


We want to Shout out KI4Life and US Virus / Ultimate Source for providing us with some color codes to give out as prizes for yall. Be sure to check them out on twitter @UltimateToy @ShadowVirus916 & @TheRealKI4Life

This weeks prize is a Color 10 Fulgore Dlc Code provided by KI4life as well as Auto Qualifying for our finale later in the season. Top 5 will receive points, Point system is in place for seeding players for the finale.
1st = Auto Qualify & 20 points, 2nd = 15 points, 3rd = 10, 4th = 5 points & 5th place tie is worth 3 points.

All Rankings and more info in our pinned post.

Here is the sign up link for Week 4 of #ComboKillers
Please read all info and rules in description & make sure your challonge account name matches your GT so we can find you easier. As always if you know someone thats interested in tournaments or just want to get their foot in the door a bit more please share this with them as we always want to try to grow the KI Comunnity! #PlayKI

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@rukizzel Come check us out sometime

@FR33ZINGPHO3NIX no requirements to join. all other info is here

Will the twitch stream be in a lobby match between the two players? I’ve never been in a tournament before haha. I don’t know how this works.

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When the tourney starts he’ll call for people to play on the stream and he invites you to a lobby. If you aren’t called you have to play your opponent offstream. So you have to watch the stream to know whats going on.


ohh. Oki, thank you :smile:

Yes Ztrain is correct. on stream matches will be done in a lobby with me and my commentator, if you have a offstream match get with your oppenent and play. report scores back to us in twitch chat. everything will be organized through the stream

ok. so is there a specified time when it ends?

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No, we try to keep it in a 3 hr limit though

Hey everyone, Reminder that Week 4 of #ComboKillers is today at 5pm cst! Check in will start at 3pm cst. You must check in to secure your spot!

Sign up page is here

1st place will win a Color 10 Fulgore dlc code provided by KI4Life (Check out KI4Life on twitter @TheRealKi4Life) as well as Auto Qualify for our finale later in the season.

Top 5 will receive points for ranking / seeding for finale. for more info on rankings etc please check out our pinned post

See Yall later tonight!

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I’m literally a dumb ■■■. I’m in Eastern time lol. Meaning check ins are at 4 and the tournament is actually at 6. So… I mean, i’ll definitely be there for sure. But I would have been super embarrassed is I was an hour early haha.


yes that would be correct.

16 minutes y’all! lol wooohooo

Pharroh I need a favor. I have to go pick up my boyfriend. Can you please save my spot if possible? I promise I’ll be in the tournament. I’m sorry this is so last minute. If not, then it’s ok.

5pm cst… still 55 mins to go. if you have no checked in do so now