Personal best for most damaging in-game Aganos combo

Here’s mine. -!242&authkey=!APT_-2_uM8AzaRA&ithint=video%2Cmp4

I’d like to dedicate this combo to the year KI came out! :wink:

What are your personal bests?

My personal best with Aganos is 100% - counter breakers are a wonderful thing. :slight_smile:

Ha! Agreed on the counter breakers. CBs + adamant breaker = ggs

3 chunks (1. Being a wall) 2 shadows = 97% damage.

The more I watch Aganos play, the more I think that counterbreakers are essential for him if you manage to open a combo.

For that matter, breakers are on the list too, especially in season 3 (maybe I’m too pessimistic though).