Permanently save replay's

So recently I went to the fight archive to view some of my favorited replay’s from last month, but when I looked at the list every replay from before June 14th was gone.

Now I can understand if the game has to delete them to conserve space, but can you at least make it so all favorited replays can’t be automatically removed. or better yet. give us the option of which replays to delete or save. maybe something similar to smash bros replay system where there’s a menu option after each match to save a replay.

I just find it annoying to go through all the trouble of making a favorites list from my replay’s just to have them be auto deleted in a few weeks/month’s.

They are perminant until a new patch. Every patch wipes replays since it is a new build. I brought this up over a year ago and nothing was implimented. You’ll have to record them with DVR to keep them.

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Yep, every patch deletes them. Even if it didn’t a lot of them wouldn’t work anymore since they’re just stored inputs, and if a character is modified even by one frame then the whole thing falls out of sink. Just record them with the game DVR and bam, they’re saved forever.

I have used the dvr before, the only issue is I get screen tearing or some ugly pixelizations in my recordings.

Yep, but at least it is saved! You can always use DVR export the whole file, and trim it in an actual editor to avoid those awful looking cuts. Or be like me and not care about the cuts since I’m not a professional editorial director lol. I just like to post cool ultra camby records.

I like you automatically because you’re playing Fulgore :heart: lol

I cut the loading screens out on purpose because I wanted to keep the video within 15 min length. though lately I’ve stopped caring about vid length.

and yea, Fulgore’s been a favorite of mine since the snes day’s. I also used to play jago but this current iteration isn’t nearly as fun as KI2 jago. he’s slower, doesn’t have his slide, his forward hk can’t be used as a manual double(or if it can the timing is weird).

actually manuals in general were better in 2 in my opinion.

I always wondered why the favorite replays disappeared. Now I know! Thanks! :smiley:

Round House manual isn’t that tough but it is a command normal. Timing is stricter because of its startup.

@developers. It would be awesome if we had the ability to favorite replays which in turn would be uploaded and saved to the DVR. That would essentially solve the problem of all the replays being systematically deleted with each update while also shortening the somewhat cumbersome process of having to manually use the DVR and cut the videos.

I believe this is very much possible since Naruto Storm 4 does this; but it’s actually somewhat annoying because it forces you to choose whether or not to upload the replay to the DVR after each and every match. With the replay feature that Killer Instinct has, it would certainly be more polished and efficient since we would have the ability to do this at our leisure, at least until the next update that is.

I would prefer a, save or favorite this replay after every match. If you’re playing a FT10 mirror match, good luck finding the right one.

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I agree. Just a button press to activate the screen, select your option and on to the next match whilst the game does its thing in the background