Perhaps this is not the path... for me

I think that I can’t play KI anymore.

1 - I’m not as good as before: The game has changed so much that if I were to start over again either with a new account or by resetting everything I’ve earned, I wouldn’t get even half of it back. Throughout seasons 1 and 2 and early in 3, the game was different, I was still able to win a lot and have fun. After the second or third patch for season 3, the game became a fight based on patience and that gets boring. Nowadays I have one sided matches against people who are 100 times better than I have ever been. I’ll be sharing those matches soon.

2 - It doesn’t feel like KI: Regardless of what I say here, I already know that a lot of you will disagree with me and prove me wrong. Some stages are inaccurate (example, orchid’s stage, riptor’s stage), some themes are not accurate (examples of most accurate: cinders, orchids, spinals etc.), some retros are inaccurate and will never be fixed. Anyway, there’s a lot of things that feel off to me and of course the devs have their explanations as to why and that’s alright, I understand. Also I dislike the lack of retro stages. These are just my nitpicks, probably nothing too important.

Anyways guys, this game is probably just not for me. I know I’ve said it so many times that I’m going to stop playing but this time it’s for real. After so many chances that I gave myself with this game, I think I’ve finally reached the end, the furthest that I can go. This game causes me too much stress and it might be worse than I think. I really appreciate everything that all of you have done, from the help and advice to the good times you gave me.

I wish the best of luck to everyone who still enjoys this game and is looking forward to getting better. I hope this game continues to grow because after being gone for about 17 years, it deserves it. Like I said earlier, I’ll be posting those matches as soon as I have the time too, I already have some on youtube in my “The Untouchables” series. There’s nothing that can bring me back to playing KI and even though I won’t play it anymore, I’ll still be around here in the forums every now and then because some of you people are the only friends I have and it’s always nice to talk to you.

Good games everyone, fight on!


Ummm… can you specify how some stages and music are inaccurate?

I would tell you but I don’t want people to argue about it because these are just minor complaints of mine that are probably not that important. Unless you’re really curious…

You can PM me if you wish

Here’s one match I uploaded a short time ago:

More to come.

If thats how you feel then GGs

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This expresses how I feel, personally, about this kind of post.

Just replace “Useing Facebook” with “playing KI/using the forums”


No harm intended @CausingThought6, @oTigerSpirit made a similar post to mine and got no negative feedback as far as I know. I think I should get as much respect as he got.

Then again, you might be new and are not familiar with me.

I certainly can understand how frustrating it can be to not see yourself winning like you used to. In S1 and S2, I won almost 70% of my ranked matches. Come S3 with its nerfs to Sadira and buffs to a large majority of the cast, my win rate dropped dramatically. I became incredibly frustrated with the game, and I felt much like you do right now, BUT instead of being aggravated about losses, I relearned my character. As Aria says, “evolve or die”.

The reality is Vlad, what you are going through right now, is very common. You aren’t alone. My goodness CDjr left KI after Sadira got nerfed in S2. Bass decided to leave the KI scene just recently. It happens. The fact is, if you aren’t having fun, then there isn’t a point playing it.

However, if the reason you aren’t having fun is because you are losing a lot, then the only real cure is ultimately learn to get better. I did. Lost almost every match after the Sadira nerfs of S3 and even after her new buffs, I hardly ever used them, but then one day, I decided to actual USE all of her tech, instead of whining about it, and I started rebounding. My goodness, I even made a Gargos rq on me! I started playing more methodically and I’ve had a few Jago matches with top players that was literally all mind games and it was fun as H. E. L. L.

Guess what, I’ve still haven’t mastered Sadira. I want to get to the Kalypso level with her and that is a lofty goal. Eventually, I would like to earn a Star, although the fact that I don’t have near enough time to put into it, even though I’m starting to win most of my fights. :frowning: (I’m a clan admin for Destiny on PS4 and Xbox One)

Vlad you’ve been with us for a long time, and if you need to take a break do so, it might do you some good. If you still wanna play, instead of focusing on ranked, get into some exhibition matches with buds from the site. I’ve always found those matches to be the most rewarding and fun, even if I lose every match (@SonicDolphin117). :wink:

Think of every fight as a learning experience. Take what you need, implement it into your next fight.

At the end of the day though, have fun.


Good luck… but dont you dare go play SFV as if its going t be any better!


Honestly. This is just a combination of straw that broke the camels back and me just not seeing his post. I don’t want this to seam like some sort of bizzar favoritism or something. Honestly, every time I read one of these kinds of posts I react like that puppet. I just never saw that post I guess. I don’t see every new thread that gets posted.

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This game has a peculiar knack for causing players to put themselves waaaay into it. I have always played games casually and I was always content with single player experiences, yet KI drew me in for the nostalgia of the fact that KI1 on the snes was the first game I ever owned and also the artistic value (between characters, stages, music) of the relaunch. I was drawn into ranked because I wanted to experience every facet of the game and it has awoken a competitive side of me that had never previously surfaced.
I definitely have been putting too much of myself into the game and when I have a night in which I lose more than I win, my self esteem is directly affected. On nights like that, I resolve to play some Shadow Lords instead so as to remind myself that I am here to appreciate the game as a form of art first and foremost. I barely win over 50% of matches and sometimes I feel like I should just up and quit, but it’s not about winning. In every match one person wins and one person loses, but both people are necessary for the dance of KI to unfold. It’s always good to take a break, but I try not to let discouragement steer me away from something I love. I sincerely hope that after some time you’ll come back around the rejoin everyone. We all belong here.

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Eh, if it floats your boat, see ya around. Can’t say you won’t be missed.

GG and fight on.

Something to consider, I was slightly ridiculed for my decision. Such is the nature of most things that revolve quitting, some people appreciate the sentiment, some don’t and some need to add some jabs because it humors them. Quite frankly, I didn’t much care about the negativity as much as I wanted those around me to know I needed to go back to what made it fun for me and not that I didn’t want to be around the community anymore.

That said, when someone leaves, it is entirely subjective, something that doesn’t bode well on the forums, especially when siding with the minority opinion. Nonetheless, I understand why someone feels that way, the game has certainly taken a turn and coming back to Jago in 3.7 nerfed to oblivion while Maya and Eyedol got beautifully buffed made the experience quite bland. I still enjoy the game and Shadow Lab and Lords is really fun now that I actually came back to it.

Still, my reasons were slightly different in the sense that it was more about me in terms of anxiety and mental pressure getting the best of me than disliking the direction of the game. If I could remain happy and not freak out, I wouldn’t mind trying to re-learn a redirected character after a patch, it’s a worthwhile journey in a constantly changing game.

Either way, I wish you well in whatever new fighting game you happen to find. I recommend SFV, especially if you like grounded games and solid fundamentals but aren’t fond of variety. If you want something similar to KI, you could try out KOF, I just got it and it’s relatively fun, just don’t expect much from the netcode. Injustice 2 is on the way too, if that is your thing.

Fight on, dude.

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Personally, although I have made very strong statements blasting the sort of vanity posting of “I quit KI!” in the past, I think that you and @oTigerSpirit are in a different category. You’ve been around the forums for a long time and contributed a lot. I may not always agree with you, but it’s probably worth a bit more attention than 99% of the sort of “I quit!” rant posts that show up every once in a while.

Having said that, I don’t really have much to tell you. If you aren’t having fun, then it’s perfectly appropriate to move on to other things and have fun doing it. As far as I know, we only ever played once - at random on a ranked match early in Season 3 and you beat my Tusk (if memory serves).

I would encourage you not to use “inaccurate” as the adjective of choice. It implies that there’s a correct or “accurate” way that things like Orchid’s stage should be or the characters music should be. Its fine to acknowledge that these things don’t line up with how you would like to see them, but when you say they are “inaccurate” it implies that they are somehow wrong, and not they way the should be - rather than just not the way you would like them to be. That’s the kind of thing that gets people upset and leads to bickering.

But there’s tons of great games out there - many of which you can find in the off topic section of these forums. Go find something you like.


I feel the same. I find myself getting irritated by the constant laggy online matches where learning non lag tech/knowledge is impossible, the bugs that keep piling up patch after patch affecting game balance, and the utter lack of quality control.

I rarely play these days compared to s1 and s2. I don’t see the point in playing something that has become an exercise in patience.

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I stopped playing KI a long time ago, mostly due to my disappointments in Season 3.
I am still lingering around here though in hopes of finding something that could bring me back in… so far, I have yet to find it.

But I never made “I quit” thread… I never made an announcement. And I don’t understand why you would.
Just… stop playing. There’s no need to make some grand goodbye on the official forum. Most people here won’t care at all. That’s why threads like these get such a negative response. Well, also because you are basically calling out the game for not being enough to keep your interest, which rubs alot of people wrong, because they can’t accept that there are people who don’t like something they like and would rather just either pretend otherwise or make you feel bad for not being on their team anymore.

So I am not sure why you would bother with making a thread like this.
In any case…

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This is true.

Especially on a official forum.

Not sure why pros are still doing it… :confused: Not calling anyone out but…

It’s like a party you just want to get of. Would you tell the host? Or would you leave quietly?

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I said this would happen and was trolled to the edges of the
iron galaxy be players trolling and acting like they where
the KI defenders of the IG.

I said it before and ill say it again. Too much of anything is
no good, if its not broke dont fix it, too much change is not
good, leave well enough alone…

Another words back in the day, you got your game,
AND IT WORKED, and then later there would be
a sequel, KI is a great game without direction.
and its broke as hell. its not enough i bought a
broken game, they wont fix it because they want
to spend time on making costumes…

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so your sticking around to troll him?