Performance Test Failed but FPS look really good/high?

I keep Failing the test but I’m getting 60+ fps wtf? Is there a config file for this game somewhere? Anyone else experiencing this problem? I really hope it’s not some stupid listed hard cap on GPUs, where even if you get 100 fps the game won’t let you play online because it falls below their minimum GPU list.

Didn’t get that too, my pc run the game with everything activate very fluid, with no lag, but in the test to pass through it I have to deactivate a lot of effects, and seriously, didn’t see any improve of performance…

Firstly we are seeing an issue with the frame cap not working properly. Can you set your monitor to 60hz, then let me know the results of your performance test?

I’m already using 60hz for my monitor. The score was right around 600/1000 It seems way off for how well the game is running.

Oh gotcha the + threw me off. I do not know the inner-workings of the perf test, but I am curious to know what you need to do to pass the test.

Tried again with forced vsync through nvida got 692/1000. Is there a config file somewhere? So far I’m absolutely hating Windows 10. I can’t even look at app files, everything is locked behind the operating system.

Wow, I just looked at my GPU usage and it’s 99% when the game is on. That’s insane. This game is gonna fry peoples’ graphics cards.

I see the problem, if you alt tab out of the game to minimize it, the game eats up/maxes out your GPU, so I’d advise you guys not to do it but that’s up to you. When I’m actually in the game it’s much lower, usage around 50-60 sometimes dipping higher or lower a little bit.

Alright I passed the test by lowering the resolution, changing graphics settings doesn’t do jack. lol

I think something is messed up with the resolution settings in this game and/or vsync.

1440 x 810? Never seen that before my native resolution isn’t supported? 1440 x 900

the game forces 16:9 resolutions. also iirc the xbox one version ran at 90fps under the hood(even though it only output 60fps) for the netcode. the performance test is probably testing 90 fps, so that why it fails even if it looks like its running at 60 fps.


That makes sense. I hope they can quickly fix these issues. The game itself is awesome.

Without posting your system’s specs there’s not much anyone can suggest other than lowering the resolution, which is what impacts performance the most.

Also, how are you able to confirm you are getting over 100 frames when RTSS and FRAPS don’t work with Windows 10 games (UWA)?

Lots of people are getting bad performance test results even though they have a monster rig.

I think for many people, downloading the latest nvidia drivers helped (the one that was targeted to help with KI performance, launched a few days ago). Floe was streaming last night and he had online performance test of like 600/1000, downloaded the driver and then was at 1800/1000 with no trouble.

I didn’t want to say anything but from what i have seen, everyone that seemed to had performance test issues was using an AMD GPU, old or new, low end or high end, it always seem to be AMD cards. only thing i can think of is that maybe they haven’t released a drive to help with Killer Instinct’s performance.

This is totally true. I have an AMD. I have good specs but i cant pass the test

Nope, I have a Nvidia card.

what card