PC: Why are settings tethered to your profile?

This is something that is odd that I have just recently noticed. I was playing KI on a slightly underpowered PC, which is in my arcade cabinet, and I had the graphic settings turned down so it would run. But later when I was playing it on my other more than competent PC it started up with those same minimum settings. I’ve seen the same thing for controller setup…using not-Xbox controllers on PC and those button settings carrying over to XB1.
I guess my question is why are these settings not stored locally? With different PCs or a change between PC/XB1 there are likely going to be differences in how they’re set up.

I find this very frustrating as well.

I bounce between different PCs and the Xbox, and each has its own setting for controllers, audio, and resolution due to different controller, audio, and visual setups. It’s very frustrating to have to all the settings and/or re-run the performance test each time.

I really hope they can update the game to allow the settings to be stored locally.

Not to mention, I run into issues where the save is not syncing between devices, saying the other device is taking a long time to sync, or you are still playing on another system even after a reasonable gap in-between and with the other device powered down. I’ve jumped into ranked mode only to be greeted by a “you disconnected and have been credited with a loss” message even though I exited the previous session cleanly after a completed match. I have to jump to Xbox, because the ranked achievements aren’t unlocking properly on the PC, and only unlock on the Xbox. I hope the work is not done on the cross-play/cross-save features because there are still a lot of issues.

I’m very nervous about losing my save with hundreds of hours on it. Is there any way to back it up manually just to be extra safe?

There is no way to please all without an on/off setting for profile recording. I love that my profile is saved, I customized my volume levels and having them match between PC and console is awesome, but I do understand the problems you’re facing.

So the only way around this would be an option to sync settings with profile that can be turned off.

In theory it’s a good feature since no matter where you go you always have access to all your stuff without having to change settings. It’s only people that bounce between different devices that require different settings that run into problems.

A local save of A/V settings (with your game save still carrying over) should please everybody. That’s how most games do it, even those with Steam cloud support. There’s separate save and config files.

Setting it once per machine is not much of an inconvenience, really. However, having to change A/V settings and re-run the benchmark test every time you play on a different machine is. There’s honestly not a compelling argument for not keeping the keeping A/V config local.

I imagine it’s a technical issue with how the Xbox/UWP saves are shared, but it really could use improvement.

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