PC Version Questions

New to the forums but I’ve been playing Killer Instinct & fighting games for a while now. I’ve been searching everywhere googling for answers and haven’t been able to find some clear answers to some questions I have. And yes I’ve tried to ask on srk without luck. I’m not trying to spam, troll or whatever. Just need some answers as I’m really confused right now.

I want to unlock the classic Killer Instinct outfits and I see you have to use KI gold for it? I bought the season 1 & 2 bundle for pc. So am I forced to buy KI gold with real money to get them? I just wanted to get Jago’s, Combo’s, Kim Wu’s and Orchids. What’s the best way for me now to do this?

Classic costumes come with the Ultra Editions, along with all the cosmetics. If you got the “Combo Breaker” editions you just got the characters themselves for those respective seasons.

Yeah I was going to get the $50 or $30 bundle and ended up with season 1 & 2 for $30 on pc. So now I have to buy KI gold just to get the classic costumes? I knew about the better bundles but couldn’t afford the $50 one. And thanks for the reply! I love TMNT as well!

Welcome to KI. I love your gamertag picture. Very cool.

Actually been playing since the mid 90’s. Still have my snes cart somewhere. The music, fighters, the whole game is why I’ve loved Killer Instinct so much. Just to see it back like this and with BATTLETOADS even??? Amazing stuff. Just hoping I’m not screwed with having to buy KI gold for freakin costumes now.

Unfortunately in order to get the classic outfits, you are stuck with either getting the ultra edition or usik KI gold to unlock them.

I was really afraid of that. I know it’s business in the video game world now. But that’s really really really wrong. Would have just waited for the $50 bundle had I known.

You can get a refund i heard. If you had bought it before the all seasons +18k gold bundle

Edit: I was able to get a refund through phone support. Just going to add $20 credit to my account and get the $50 bundle. And just to be clear I didn’t gain any money here and didn’t want to. I’ll just end up having to pay $20 more to get the $50 bundle.

Can’t get Killer Instinct PC to stream on obs or split at all period. I googled around and messed with setting with no luck at all period. The window is all messed up on obs too. Just shows multiple windows of the same thing.