Pc version pauzes game at random

Hello, i have a issue where the game pauzes at random, this happen during fights or even in the menus, i cant then do anything with my arcadestick,( hori fighting edge) unless i press the keyboard icon next to the gamepad icon on the top left of the screen with my mouse, then am able to unpauze the game
Does anyone know a solution? Thx

After some more testing, it seems that i just have to left click anywhere on the screen when the game pauzes, then i can resume playing, nobody has this?

This happens when you click out of the game, it will go to the pause menu.
This happens to me because I use a multi monitor setup.
It won’t happen in real matches though.

That makes sense yes, however at this moment i only have one screen connected but it must be my mouse doing odd things then, only game i have this problem with, as it happen during matches too ,will try to play with my mouse disconnected and see if its gone .

After more testing , i found the solution, turns it it wasnt my mouse or keyboard, but there also was a xbox one wireless adaptor plugged in my pc for my xbox one controller, after unplugging that one the problem hast occured in an hour ,otherwise it happened like every 10 mins or so
Hope this helps some body