PC version feedback

So, I downloaded the PC version of this game. I have a few gripes with the game I wanted to share. Number one: I can’t change the game’s language and the German localization is terrible. Number two: the settings menu and the available customization is lacking to say the least. Number three: the UI seems to have been upscaled and therefore looks like someone increased the image’s size with paint. Number four: the graphics in general. The graphical fidelity is quite poor. If you consider that “next-gen” I don’t know what “gen” I have been playing for the last few years, “100 years ahead next-gen”? 50€ for a game that old, that looks like it runs on DirectX 9? Give the game a facelift and we’ll talk again.

This is something that always concerned me, is there any way to change game’s language in Windows Store games? @rukizzel
That is a pretty big deal to me tbh, I hate bad localizations.

Also, things like the “Windows Store” make me appreciate Steam even more. I don’t get it why Microsoft isn’t working with Valve. Would improve their sales massively.

I do agree with you on that point… although, since it looks like it’s a cross-platform / cross-buy game… I don’t really know how this could work using steam, mainly since Game For Windows Live is dead now.

Game runs great, looks ok. No error or critical bug so far.

-no 21:9 support (Got patched for Gears of War, so I hope it will be patched for KI at some point)

-no support for 144Hz! This has to be a bug and needs to be fixed ASAP

-You can’t select a resolution higher than your desktop resolution (even if the screen supports higher resolutions)
If you have a 4k screen and your desktop res is set to 1080p, you can’t select 4k ingame. Probably a bug? (Works with other games)

-offline play works great, but I can’t select Shadow Jago. (I can use him online) bug?

They did a great Job on the port, but some stuff needs fixing.

Also, I would like to point out, that you cannot buy a complete pack in Germany. They force you to buy each season seperately, meaning they’ll charge you extra whereas everywhere else they don’t. Nice job.