[PC] Small screen tear horizontally across the screen

I built my PC back in May. Fresh and ready to go. No screen tear in early may until an update released. I believe it was the Mira update that gave it the screen tear. Are there things to consider to fix the issue? It’s really not problematic, but would like to get it fixed. Performance test passes easily and the issue is still there at max and low settings.

I’ll give specs once I’m home.

if you have a Nvidia graphic card , go to Nvidia panel control ,search the option ‘‘configure 3D application’’ now there’s a list of games that you can configure , in this case KILLER , ok ,in the panel of the game search the option ‘‘V SYNC’’ and select ''ADAPTABLE’
hope this can help you

Also, after you have your graphics specs all set up, try unpluging a monitor & plugging it back in. I have a 3 monitor setup, and the screen tearing went away after I installed the 3rd. Today I was playing KI on a different computer, and when I went back to my other one the screen tearing was back. I unplugged a monitor, plugged it back in, and voila! No more screen tearing.