PC release and ownership of Physical copies. Do I need digital to play?

I currently only own the Physical copy of Season 1 and the Digital copy of Season 2. I do intend on owning all of the Physical copies for collective purposes but, for the sake of this question, will I be required to purchase the Digital S1 package to play on my PC? Or will there be a workaround where I can use my physical copy on my PC? Will there be activation codes in some way shape or form? If this idea has not come up yet, has been, or is being addressed, if I could be pointed in that direction, otherwise I will continue to be here looking for the answer.

Otherwise, another option that came to mind, if physical copies cannot be compatible with PC, will there be another bundle deal that combines S1, S2, and S3 at a reduced price like the fantastic Ultra bundle you did with S1 and S2? That is also another possibility.

You’re fine. Your XBL account recognizes you own both.

Hope so, the Xb1 won’t let me play any S1 content without the disc.

Same here. Hopefully it recgonizes that I have the disk. Season 3 hype.