PC Port, Direct3D 10

It appears that Windows store does not allow you to run the game with launch parameters, which might have helped with that “only direct3d_11” restriction.
I tried to run the game in virtual machine (ain’t changing my OS for one game only) and it did not start with vmware’s tools installed (they force gpu to register as direct3d10 ), and without them the game ran at 2 fps (because the workload was calculated on cpu entirely). I tried to fiddle with launch parameters, but failed to find any regestry entry for KI’s executable, not to mention any options on it in windows store. I also tried to disguise directx11-references as dx9 (in resources.cfg) but apparently even administrators do not have access to edit files in these directories.
Hence the question: is there any way to force lower d3d level for the game?
and if anybody tried running it on vmachines, comments would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. You can leave your “just upgrade to info-leaking spy/bloatwaregalore windows 10”-comments to yourselves :slight_smile:

more than likely the game uses effects not possible on a lower version, DX11 had some stuff that included things like opacity masking, and seperate opacity maps where it wouldnt make the front map look completely transparent and cause issues, this is among other things thats just one example.

I can see that, but if I am not mistaken, forcing ue to use earlier versions of renderer makes it ignore anything “new” that the newer one has.
Oh, well, was just wondering if anybody has even tried to pull this off :slight_smile: