PC player treatment and money grab practice

i realize i’m probably in a minority here, but i just thought i’d give some feedback here for Iron Galaxy/Microsoft with how their practices have affected me as a potential consumer, at least.

i bought the supreme edition right after PC release, and only a few months later the definitive edition, with even more content (and exclusive content on top,) was released. i would’ve been fine with the lower price, but since i ended up being a gargos main, it sucks to be excluded from content by an overpriced paywall (especially when i own everything else already.)

anyways, the only effect this has had on me is that i can no longer purchase anything related to this game, because i’ll always be afraid of another cheaper bundle with new exclusive content showing up a few months after. you made a great game, and you’ve generally supported your community very well, but you have probably lost me as a paying customer (not out of bitterness, but it’s hesitation in case you throw out another exclusive bundle that i would rather have wanted to wait for - so instead i suspect i’ll just wait indefinitely.)

thank you for your time, i just thought i’d explain how these practices may alienate/exclude some of your (previously) loyal player base.

These practices are standard for ANY product/industry wanting to continue making a profit. As time goes on, more features are added, and at cheaper prices. This has ALWAYS been the case throughout history. Have you been afraid to buy other things? Something tells me the answer to that is NO. So don’t worry about it! Enjoy the game for the extra amount of time you had it before they released the definitive edition - that’s what you’re really paying for! By the time someone else who waited for the DE gets it, you’ll be wiping the floor with them! Besides, golden skins are coming so don’t feel bad about Gargos! :wink:

i mean this in the nicest way possible, but please read my post properly if you’re going to respond. i said the lower price was fine, because it’s standard. what bothers me is the exclusive content locked behind the new ‘bundle.’

there has also only been announcements for gold pack 1 and gold pack 2, and neither of them contain gargos content. so it’s still exclusive to DE even when gold packs are released. gargos’ DE skins also contain a platinum color.

edit: so of course i’ll be afraid to buy anything in the future if this is the case, as suddenly there’ll be a new bundle with new exclusives that i can’t otherwise get.

Well, Gold Packs 1 and 2 are NOT included in the definitive edition, so all of us are paying extra for it. Only Gold Gargos is included in the definitive edition. And yes, while it’s a bit unfair, are you honestly saying because you can’t unlock one skin (without repurchasing the game) you would honestly give up playing this game and supporting future seasons/DLC/sequels etc.?

If it’s anything like the Shadow Jago skin, it’s probably a timed exclusive and will become available later on in another gold pack. So if you really want it, you may have to play a waiting game for it, but it will come eventually.

But we can’t really anticipate what turns the Microsoft marketing will take in concern towards bundles and things. To me, I’m still really upset I can’t upgrade from Season 3’s combo breaker edition to the Ultra Edition for a reasonable price, given the definitive edition is out, and is the exact same price as the season 3 ultra edition. But earlier access usually has the higher price tag to it as a common practice. However, you can’t let buyer’s remorse rule your enjoyment and support of a game. And usually IG has a way of setting things right, or working to arrive at a solution. They did so with Shadow Jago, with the color 11 situation on the LE Shadow Jago figures, and eventually they will with the season 3 package pricing and the Gargos gold skin.

Unfortunately, it seems like a test in patience, and I’ll give you this, that’s probably one of the tougher battles to fight sometimes.

hello, sorry for the late reply, i’m not an active participant here, really.

i’m not gonna stop playing the game, dude… but it’s only a secondary/tertiary fighter for me, as i’m mostly a guilty gear player. but yes, you’re right i likely won’t support further DLCs/seasons, although if i did, it would be def not be at release, but until i’d waited for some exclusive bundles to show up already.

having exclusive colors attached to the figures is also fine, and not the same at all (as it’s not asking you to repurchase something you’d obviously have for the exclusive.) i’m not gonna let buyer’s remorse ‘rule my enjoyment’ of the game, but it will definitely remove/reduce my support as to prevent future buyer’s remorse when i’ve been burned already.

If you think that’s bad, those of us that have been playing since Season 1 have shelled out $40 per season, plus another $160 or so for all the colors that were exclusive for the figures, plus upwards to $50 for Shago (day 1 Xbox live card). And we still had to buy the DE to get the Gold Gargos skin.

Welcome to consumerism.