PC Master race

Now to start… this is no way whatsoever, a troll thread , just an opinion and overall thoughts.

Im loving pc gaming, about 2 months ago i sold my xbone and took a “break” from gaming, but just yesterday i bought this Omen hp laptop and o my GOD , i cant go back to playing console, i played KI on MAX settings and My Eyes were having orgasms like jesus. what sucks tho is that i cant play all my games that were on my xbox account, just KI and Gears 4. but now i can play csgo, SF5, Tekken 7… honestly my true complaint about pc gaming its expensive. so any pc gamers here?

Steam ID: OmniFluxx

Just started with a basic laptop but from what I’ve heard from veteran players, it’s not as expensive as businesses lead you to believe since a large sum is for labor (This is my assumption, mind you).

If you do buy it pre-built then yeah, it can be expensive but the deals all across the board (Humble Bundle, GOG, IndieGameStand, Steam, etc) you’ll save more money on games than you spent on your PC in no time with a bit of deal hunting and patience.

eg: I could buy Shantae Half Genie Hero for full price or wait until it inevitably goes on a Steam sale.

Well, might as well add my ID here too.

ID: Oats & Moats
URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OatsAndMoats/

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I play pc ONLY for CSGO and Undertale.

I play on an HP Envy, and I can’t even begin to explain the performance on it. Not because it is so good, but because I LITERALLY CAN’T. I’m a noob. XD.

@OmniFluxx Me too. I recently did the same by getting a gaming PC. I hardly use my Xbox anymore and my favorite titls I either get on Steam or Windows Store.

I’ve got a PC but for some reason I prefer console. I have a lot of the same games on both and despite the games running better on PC I just can’t get as immersed sitting on a computer desk as I do sitting infront of my TV. Granted I could plug my computer into my TV but that’s too much of a hassle.

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I have one PC and It’s a nice gaming rig. I really like the “play anywhere” games and the cross play with xbox One. But it’s my desktop Pc and I spend a LOT more time gaming in front of my TV on the Xbox. I think some of the preference can be as simple as where you like to sit when you play.

PC definitely has the advantage for horsepower. Buying an Omen is an expensive way to do it, although if you aren’t comfortable putting it together yourself then you will need to spend the money. But putting one together is easier than it has ever been if you can get over the intimidation factor.

TL;DR I like having the option to play on PC but it hasn’t replaced my consoles.