PC gamers who previously played on XB1 and cannot sync data

If you play/will play on the PC, and you have played on somebody else’s XB1 using your MS account, you might find this useful.

The fist time I started KI on PC it told me I have a save from somewhere else and it gave me the choice to either go back to the XB1 and sync from there or discard that file. I chose to discard and start a new file, and the game worked fine that time.

The next time I tried it had issues syncing my data from the cloud. It failed everytime at 14%, 16% or 22%. Keep in mind, I had NO TEREDO ISSUES, I could connect to XB live and to online lobbies. Somehow my save data had become corrupted. Sometimes it would just check for updates forever.

What I had to do is use my brother’s XB1 to start KI with my account again, then it asked me what data do I want to sync, the cloud’s or the XB1’s I was using. Whenever I tried to sync from the cloud if failed just like in W10. When I sync from the XB1 it worked. I then deleted my account from the XB1 and went to check KI W10. It synced fine afterwards.

I know I could have do the XB1 part first to avoid issues, but if KI offers the choice to “discard and start a new file under W10” it should work. I don’t know if it is an isolated issue, or not, but here is how you can fix that if it happens to you.


I have a PC and Xbox both and this keeps happening to me. Whenever I play on X1 and then go back to PC, it tells me there was trouble syncing your data, and I can try again or do a local sync. If I do the local one, then I can play on PC as many times as I want, and if I try the X1, it picks up the data no problem - but then if I go back to PC again, I will get the same message.

I’ve currently stopped playing on PC altogether due to other issues I’ve experienced (in other threads here), but I would like to be able to record some matches in glorious 1080p @60fps (which is also not working fully as intended yet), and so I will probably have to be facing this over and over until fixed - since I can’t just delete my Xbox account.

After I got it working on the PC, I dared not sign in the Xbox, so apparently it would do it again according to your experience. Maybe the devs should look at this. Also, how do you delete matches you played? Is that through the Xbox app?. The w10 Xbox app needs to allow to manage and delete game data, there is no “manage game” in w10