PC gamers and those knowledgeable help!

So guys I need some help here and would like to ask a few questions to those who game on PC and know a lot about PC gaming.

I am interested in building a game PC but I am admittedly a noob when it comes to PC gaming. I am trying to weigh my options because I want to play games like SFV and KI on PC plus others but mainly SFV for right now.

How much would building my own rig cost vs buying prebuilt when including buy a good gaming monitor with minimal input lag and high resolution at 1080p in comparison to just buying a PS4?

I am leaning towards a PC because of being able to upgrade and the superior power over consoles while also being able to stream on twitch and edit videos and also just surfing the web and watching movies etc and all the perks PC brings while also minding the cost.

I have researched videos on how to build and am confident I can build one with no problem but I am still confused about what is the minimal and most cost effective build I can make and run games like SFV or bigger ones like Battlefield 1 or something to make it worth it over just buying an extra console.

I do not necessarily have a budget in mind but would like to hear from those who have built their own gaming PC or got prebuilt ones around what is the best price I can get to spending on a PC to run these games better than on consoles?

All help would be greatly appreciated.

In summary though, at the end of it all what is roughly the cost I will incur buying a good gaming PC (build or prebuilt) after buying all parts, monitor KB and Mouse, OS etc?

well im mexican and i build my own for the price of (10.000 pesos ) 550 american dll approximately . i can run killer instinct and SFV ,both
1080p at 60fps ,with :

an intel core i5 4460 3.2 ghz
8gb ram
Nvidia gtx960 (2gb vram)

for other games as example

call of duty black ops 3
settings :

1080p 60fps

detail level : high
lights : ultra
water : ultra
shadows : ultra

watch dogs

1080p 60fps

detail level : ultra
shadows : high
ambient occlusion : low
water : ultra

Mortal kombat x

1080p 60fps

detail level : high
shadows : ultra

with those components your would be capable of running these games but i recomended to change the graphic card for a GTX970 (4GB VRAM) and with that you can change the settings in high to ultra wihtout problem , : )

If you want to save money in all areas just follow this advice:

1) Spend less money on a processor and more money on GPU - Games can’t take advantage of all of the technology inside a intel i7 CPU. So get an i5 or some AMD Processor.

2) AMD graphics cards generally are a better value than NVIDIA graphics cards - NVIDIA GPUs are built to be powerful, quiet, and cool. NVIDIA also tends to make deals with publishes to provide exclusive graphical features in their games. It doesn’t happen often but its there. AMD GPUs tend to be less expensive than NVIDIA GPUs because they just focus their development on delivering power. If you’re building your first mid-high range PC and want to save some cash on the GPU, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you get an AMD card like a 280x, 290, 290x, 380x, 390, or 390x.

3) The rest of the parts don’t matter that much… - I do recommend getting 8 gigs of RAM and a PSU that is 700W+, but the brand doesn’t matter. Just buy them at pcpartpicker.com, microcenter, or Amazon. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM BEST BUY!

You can also go to /r/buildapcforme on reddit.com to see other builds that people are interested. They have great builds ranging from $300 - $2000.

Yeah thanks for this info much appreciated.

I actually got referred to /r/buildapcforme and they gave me amazing info and suggestions.

The first advice is to build yourself your pc and not to buy prebuilt ones. What you get is much less than how much you pay for. It is not difficult to do so, Internet is full of guide on the matter.
The difficult part is to choose the parts…
The most important ones are the CPU and GPU and you should start from here.
For gaming in general the sweet spot are i5 cpu with a dedicated GPU ranging from a R9 380 (1080p good details ) to GTX 1080 ( 4K max details ).
If you can, wait for the Rx 480 to be on sale.
If you have a narrower budget you could go for an AMD APU by itself but you can’t play much.
If you have a bigger one you could go with an i7 that is optimal for content creation ( like editing videos ) plus a GPU
The other parts are HDD, SSD, optical drive, PSU, case, RAM, monitor, various peripheral devices.
These doesn’t count against your raw performance very much but the quality and features they have vary between price ranges. For organizing your build use a site like pcpartpicker.com and see for yourself how much each part costs and if it fits your budget.
A good build that can satisfy your needs ( playing games at higher details than PS4, editing video and streaming, low lag 1080p monitor ) could go for about 1000-1200$ ( very approximate ). If you want a clearer list of part go to tomshardware.com, search for bui
In my experience it is worth to buy a PC instead a console if you buy many games, you usually play online, you want to pay genres that are not available on consoles, you use it for other reasons than gaming, your don’t care much about physical copies of games, you care very much about graphics.
For deeper advice and guides go to reddit subforums, they will be more than happy to help you and make you join the
PC Master Race :laughing: Also read reviews and about build made by others to have a starting point for your own one.

I tend to agree with @Player146779629. I would say you probably need to spend $1000 - $1200 (USD) on the PC. Depending on how much you care about size and image quality, you can get a low latency monitor for around $200.

I built my rig about two years ago and it cost me about that. I just went to pc part picker and put together what I would build today and it came in around $1200. That’s not optimized, it took me five minutes. If you do direct price comparisons to prebuilt PC’s it looks like they are competitive - but you are getting lousy parts that will break and a build that you won’t understand when it comes time to replace things etc. Jammed full of ■■■■■■ virus software and other junk you don’t want or need.

You can definitely build a gaming PC for less money, but you will almost immediately wish you had chosen better or more powerful parts. People are always telling you that you can put one together for $5-600 and this is just… well, it’s not wrong, but you are making a lot of compromises that you aren’t going to like. You end up getting exactly the power supply you need to run the rig because it saves you $25 and then when you realize you need to add a CD reader or a wifi card - poof, there goes the power supply. You can save $50 by getting a 2GB graphics card, but you want 4GB if it’s going to last. You don’t want to be stuck with a perfectly good processor that won’t run the games at high quality because it doesn’t have the memory. It’s that kind of stuff that creeps the price up. Also, people fail to do the math for the boring parts like memory (which is cheap right now, but still), the power supply, the case the motherboard and the OS. These things together are going to run you about $300-$400. Add in a decent i5 (which I agree is the sweet spot for gaming) and a decent graphics card and now you are looking at another 4-500. Now add things like a CD writer, and SSD if you really want to speed loads etc. and you quickly cross the $1000 mark.

If you have $500 and you want to build something that can play KI and SFV there are ways to do that. But you are most likely going to be upgrading the small things soon and then even sooner want things like a better graphics card. The good news is building a PC is easier than it has ever been and there are a lot of resources to help. Is it cheaper or a better value than owning a console? It’s tough to say. It really depends on how you game. I’m hesitant to recommend building one with the idea that you will save money in the long run. Ever since I put mine together I have been drooling over graphics cards that currently run for more than the price of an Xbox One. But if you have the money you can certainly get a lot of enjoyment both out of building one and then using it.