PC Crossbuy Problems

I am having problems with my previous purchases on KI PC.
I had Season 1 Ultra Edition, a Preorder of Season 3 Ultra Edition, and Shadow Jago, and I have not unlocked any of the content apart from the KI Gold. I have not played the game before on Xbox One.

I actually have all 3 ultra seasons on Xbox One and it works fine. Now that I have the PC version downloaded everything is fine, except the season 3 characters are not selectable…?

Yes, I am logged in with the exact same account. It shows the KI Gold from the season 3 ultra purchase on PC, but the characters are not selectable - says they will be available in ‘x’ amount of days…?

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the download probably isn’t finished… they actually gave the KI Gold days ago, I already have it, and I haven’t gotten home to update

It’s finished, all 21+ gigs.

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Its actually a known issue. They are working on it. I also have the same issue as well.

Where can I read up on it, and how did you find out?

Its in my general discussion thread. Talking about season 1 and 2. They also replied with a tweet to someone on the same issue.

Can you link to it?

Actually I notice Shadow Jago which I bought awhile back is also not available on Win 10.

None of my purchases show up in the win 10 version. Only character I have access to is the free character, which is pretty damn annoying.

Do you log into Window 10 with a Microsoft account or a local one?

I log in with my Microsoft account. The PC ver shows all the progress I’ve made - player and character levels, profile card, etc - but will not give me access to any of the characters I’ve paid for. I’d really love to play this version, but it’s pointless when you don’t have access to anything but one character.

Seems like they fixed the issue now, characters are showing up :smiley:

link to tweet: https://twitter.com/KillerInstinct/status/715349463586353152

Yay! All my content showed up. : )

Love the quick fix.

I have the same Issue. I have the free version and purchased Kim Wu and the Arbiter but the game just wont let me use them. And i don’t think that is a cross buy problem because i dont have a XBO.