PC controller support

I can not get an answer on this subject. In august it was said the pc will support all of our fightsticks. Now they are only saying it will support 360. Not confirming or denying the others. I have a fightstick with a PC controller PCB. Will it work? I don’t know. And I cant get an answer out of Iron Galaxy.

I dont see why it wouldnt, perhaps a driver issue maybe? lets wait and see. Also you might want to ask the company who made the fightstick.

Only XB1 Arcade Sticks are not supported atm (win10 update will come)

“Xbox 360 fightsticks will work at Season 3 launch, with Xbox One fightstick support landing in a future Windows 10 update.”

Thats what the windows 10 page of this websote says. I build fight sticks for my local FGC so I need to know because I’ve used PC PCBs for a couple that were built for this game on PC. Iron Galaxy support is non existant and xbox support has not a clue.

Also thanks for the replies because thats is the only reaponse I’ve gotten the past week.

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if it already works on pc then hopefully it should continue to work on win 10. I think the issue was more for the sticks that only are advertised to work with x1

Everything using xInput are not supported…

Nvidia controller
Seitek P880 Controller
PS3 & PS4 controller

If I compare to other multiplay coop local or not, Microsoft games block other company than Xbox stuff. Pretty sad.

I want to use my P880 and I cannot right? Damnit I was looking for this answer, well at least I got the answer. Any chance the P880 will be supported? It’s a great six button pad.

Wrong. XInput is supported, it’s the only API that is currently supported.

I also don’t think it’s a case of MS “blocking” anyone. By that logic, they’re blocking themselves as even XB1 fightsticks aren’t supported.

OP, the devs have mentioned in the past that DirectInput support is coming in a future update. So make sure that your controllers use XInput, and you will have immediate support.

An answer from Iron Galaxy isn’t necessary either. This information is widely known throughout the community.

So does the Saitek P880 work?

If the Saitek P880 lacks XInput support, you will need to use an XInput wrapper like XOutput or a keyboard mapper.

That is, until the update drops.