PC controller not working

I have a brandless cheapy game stick controller with 10 buttons. i’ve recalibrated it in Control Panel. it works as normal on steam and games such as SF4, but it doesnt connect for KI, cant map the keys to it at all. Any tips? will there be patches later to fix this?

I dont have an X1, and have been waiting all this time to play KI, but wanted to make sure my controller works before purchasing anything. please help

Its probably a DirectInput controller, you need a Xinput controller(x360, xbone). for direct controller support. you can also try third party software to act as a xinput device or map controller button to keyboard keys. I just tested Xpadder with my 3rd party PC/PS3 controller and it worked perfect in sending the mapped keyboard keys to Killer Instinct.

But with Xpadder, that mean, I can’t play in local multiplay…

Why we can’t use DirectInput controller?

Nvidia shield Controller
Seitek controller
PS3 & 4 controller

none worked…

JoyToKey did it with ingame KI keyboard keys setup

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