PC - content locked 20 day wait timer!?

I own Ultra season 1,2 and 3 on my Xbox One.
But when I load PC client, only season 2 and Shadow Jago playable. Season 1 is locked out and season 3 are all locked out with a 20 day countdown. **my PC / Xb1 clocks ect are all accurate. I’ve tried many resets and log ins via XB1 and PC to try and get
PC to recognize my content ID’s and NO LUCK

Same issue here but for me only Season 2 characters and Shago show up. Nothing from Season 3 or 1.

I just did a double check, it is actually season 2 only playable and Shago as well. Hey @BigH any chance you have more than one Xbox One and your Home Xbox is set to the other? I am wondering if that could be an issue.

Nope. Only one Xbox and no sharing.

Well at least that is ruled out. LOL

I actually have two Xbox Ones and the content is available on both. However on my PC, only Season 3 is available. My Season 1 and 2 content is locked on PC.

Funny I have the exact opposite season 3 is locked and season 1 and 2 are playable.

Still have none of my character except sabrewulf.