PC Audio Options

So one thing I’ve been painfully aware since the launch of the PC version is that for some reason KI is not listed in the Windows Volume Mixer. This is extremely frustrating as I have to manually go into the game and turn down each volume option instead of simply sliding the volume so KI isn’t rivaling some music I might be listening to, or a skype call I’m in, etc.

It’s not KI’s fault. Store apps simply do not appear in the volume mixer period. Oddly enough, I thought Microsoft was going to fix this because there was a build on the insider preview in may, I think build 14332 that actually had apps appearing in the mixer, but then a new build came out the next day and it was gone.

I don’t particularly have a problem with the in game audio settings except for ONE thing. Your settings don’t kick in until after you get to the main menu. So that means your ears get blasted like crazy when the game is trying to load. I really wish they would load fix that.