Pause music - please make volume option for it or make it bass levels down

I am playing in KI on very high volume, big speakers and only thing that bothers me is pause music. The bass of it making my speakers or headphones distort in unpleasant way, I am sure it is pretty damaging for them. It is beautiful and calming in some way - but should pause music should be less pronounce in case if player should answer the phone or talk to somebody in the room? yeah…I remember Battletoads pause tune.
I think I`t would be cool to make players choose that volume pause menu music should be. Thank you!

GO to the audio menu and turn it down…I believe its under ambiance.

@SasquatchPotato can you lead this guy to the right volume parameter fro pause music please?

Ambience is last option in the menu :pensive:
I played with volume parameters and pause menu music is lowering with “music” slider :sweat_smile:
I wonder if it`s just my audio setup or somebody else is having same trouble with bass on pause menu to make this “problem” worth attention.
I just love the game sound and want to play it loud :grin:

its your set up…sounds like busted speakers to me.

Just tried friend’s receiver with my speakers and wires - all sounds fine :blush:
Must be my old one are wearing off (manufactured in 2003).
But still be happy if pause music would be little lower on volume :roll_eyes:

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For reference it’d be under bgm or music (which ever it’s named as). Ambience is only for in-arena sounds.

He figured it out…it was busted speakers

Just bought new receiver - all sounds great!
I can`t believe that I bought not only Xone exclusively for KI but set of studio monitors speakers and receiver to enjoy it in full! Thank you for such a great game, I was fan of it since 1995 :grin:

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