Pause intros in Fight Archive replays and make presence of HUD a non-wrapping toggle in display

Just what the title says. To provide some context:

According to RKosmik, the way he was able to enjoy the music, as well as record it for his channel, in full, was by being able to pause the intros during Fight Archive. I know this is a small thing but the intros to the stages are the one thing we can’t hear if we choose to, which is a real shame. If this could be re-implemented this would maximise the enjoyment people can get out of the music during replays on the console version (as of now, not counting if other features are added in the future).

Also, The HUD toggle in display is a wrapping toggle (it scrolls from on to off to on again without any way of telling what option you’re on if you can’t see). If this could be adjusted so that there were two boundaries (one to the left of off and one to the right of on) where the option won’t change and you have to press the opposing arrow to change the option, similar to the way exhibition works.

Actually, whilst writing this I realised that there are lots of places where there arent boundaries for the options and should be (announcer voices and the lobby creation title menu if memory serves for example). If these could be rectified this would make things so much less painful.

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It’s funny that you’ve mentioned this because I’ve always preferred wrapping toggles for menu selection. I’ve always disliked having boundaries when you reach the top or bottom of a menu for example. I feel like it’s easier (for me) to be able to push down when the selection is at the bottom and have it “wrap around” back up to the top. From your visually-impaired perspective though, I can see why you’d want those boundaries. :sunglasses:

Wasn’t so much talking about up and down menus but things like turning HUD on or off which is a wrapping toggle left and right - maybe they could have a toggle for non wrapping menus?

I think it would be interesting to see replays from your perspective (so to speak) - no HUD whatsoever, since you don’t need it and can’t use it. It’d make for a very cinematic experience. :slight_smile:

…and for the record, I know it’s an option, I just don’t use it for obvious reasons (I rely on it too much, as a visually-astute person).

I’ll see what I cando - might put the battles I upload from today’s Forum Battles with no HUD… We’ll see what happens.