Patchnote 3.8 highly awaiting it

@rukizzel Hi
we already know that eagle wil be in the game in the same time than the patch 3.8
So any date for the roll out? even for the patch note 3.8? i only wanna ear something like the patchnote 3.8 wil be revealed at this date… even if the date is at the end of the month :relaxed:
but please a date daddy.
Thank you

Stay tuned…


Did you just call him “daddy”? :confused:


Yes. But I don’t know what to say…


I thought everyone called him daddy?


Daddy has always been “daddy” for as long as I can remember.


Tell me something… Daddy~


Wonder what’s gonna happen if Sadira doesn’t get buffs in this patch.


The smart money is that there’d be a long time between 3.8 and (possibly) 3.9. If the spider queen maintains her status quo, i feel like only the diehards will continue to play her. Same could possibly be said for Kan-Ra and Shin Hisako. So whatever happens, us players are going to work with it into the forseeable future.

I’m more curious if there’s some character that gets buffs/nerfs that come out of the blue a la Spinal and his trade-a-bar-for-three-skulls move.

(On a side note, i only hope 3.8 comes quick because even though i don’t play the character, having Shin Hisako being either banned from tournaments or highly suspect in tournaments is killing me.)

Obla de, obla da, life goes on brah

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Or even better, if she gets nerfed…


hhmmmm yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: cause like my real dad he give me bread and water with all news hes telling us. so im hungry now

OMG bro im a long time ago DIVORCED with that free jumping thing.

ANd if u don’t know im myself enjoying now the sadira nerf when i play no life character like aria so for me its all good that she get more nerfs ahahahhahah

**YEAH IAm on the darkside now!!! :smiling_imp:**and enjoy the nerf like everyone did

lol and the most funny is the fact that i lose to scrubby sadira player when i play Maria just because i dont know yet how to properly play this MU im not enought patient against her and do much mistake, from there i play sadira miror instead of Maria vs sadira.
i swear bro, i feel so confortable with my new wifey M""A’RIA “” yes aria is MARIA to me!!!

Im also sure i can help you to fulfill the aria techs on your aria techs and notes, cause i got Maria techs nevers seen before, yeah you read it right never seen before!!! im only like 2 month and half with her and i feel like im broking the character.
i can barelly make her teleport or even begin a full screen with mid screen teleport for begin a combo :sunglasses: i could show you so much things with Maria thank you the PRactice mode and all time i spends into it, for search and try ■■■■■■ techs, ahhahaha GGS…
And i got some flip out technichs not working on some characters like eyedol arbiter…, i clearly think its a bug cause it take away 1/2 of my option for rush down after the flip out. i sends a PM to the developers but i just wait to see if she get some correction on the flip out about theses characters. i got alots of work with Maria , shes the first character that i play with a paper and noter beside me, cause she react diferently with all characters, i have to check my paper techs before fight a opponent, but i like it :relaxed:

the only thing i has to care about is my life, but i like it cause it make it more interesting.

Maria is my zoner and my rush down character.
so please forget about my old life with webs " cause since ’ Ive EVOLVED’’ :kissing_heart:

i only wish to see some damage nerf on that 3.8 for thunder shadow Comand grab. and some adaptation or balancing so everyone feel the fun and all characters should work for kill and not jut a free 20% shadow comand grab as opener then juggle after it!!! i hate this Af!!! he needs a serious adaptation or buff the shadow for others too.


Keep waiting, us Kan Ra players have been waiting for our cr hk button to work correctly for over 2 months.

Now when 3.8 comes out and they bust 10 other things we can wait another 2 whole months


Curious to see what those balance adjustments might be. I’d love it if Sadira got a damage boost (or perhaps another ender or special move that makes her a little more viable on the ground against zoners, but I doubt any of that will happen).

Also kinda hoping Wulf gets a new toy or two to play with, but again, that seems unlikely given that we’re talking about balance adjustments and not more of a “rebalance” and all that’s implied in the past.

I’m so worried that Jago will get more nerfs :sob: I don’t mind bug fixes or adjustments but no more nerfs.

Dare I say, Keits please!

I will report everyone as cheating until she does… kappa

All seriousness though, I DO hope and PRAY that she gets some sort of meaningful buff that will help her out against all the MUs she struggles with. A damage buff would of course be nice, but as Letalis has already stated, that even a damage buff wouldn’t help her against all the bad MUs she has right now.

I AM looking forward to Eagle though. He looks like a lot of fun.

Wondering if there will be an input fix. Characters drop the combo while trying a finisher.

Why would Shin Hisako be banned from tourneys? I always felt she was one of the more balanced characters in the game. Is there some dirt about her that I don’t know about?

The why being because of her bug issues, but different tournaments have handled it differently. EU King of the Ring and Kross Up outright banned her from their tournaments, while Combo Breaker said players could use her, but if a game breaking bug came up, that player would incur a loss. Feel like all in all, it’s limited players from exploring her in a competitive tournament environment and that’s kinda sad.